Candy Wrappers

Personalized over wraps for candy bars are becoming very popular because it provides a treasured memento of the special occasion, which can be cherished for many years to come. I can provide elegant and creative over wraps for events such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, birth announcements or invitations of any kind for ANY occasion.

Any quantity!

I can wrap mini candy bars or full size…your choice.

Reply for pricing, it’s more reasonable than you might think.
[email protected]


Matthew R. Perrine

about 14 years ago

I know this is sort of off-topic, but what did you think of the Troma mockumentary "Lollilove"?


about 14 years ago

What a spoilsport, Paul! Sock puppets are important! Sure, maybe i repair iphones and macs too (you didnt recognize me on that one, or it wasnt as sensational as outing ConcernedPoppa?) but thats my day job. i take a few swings for the fences at night, hence the short-lived but honestly fairly well intentioned hotmaids fiasco. (no women were harmed in the making of the direct for tv "hotmaids" movie, for the record) And just so you know, i post under 2-3 other pseudonyms using a really simple browser add-on called The Onion Router, or TOR that prevents you from ever effectively banning me or silencing me no matter how far your little world of censorship extends. TOR is used by Iranian dissidents to get information out of one of the most tightly digitally controlled places on earth. I think PDD better consider its credibility for real. The internet wont let truth be silenced, and i am but its humble servant. I like this place Paul, I really do. Nothing I have ever done on here was intentioned in half the ill light you always seem to cast me in. The thing is, I literally cackle reading the posts with my wife in bed at night, its better sport than anything on cable. I love Duluth, and I love PDD. I honestly was trying to warn some people about a real bad dude, and provided as much info as I could easily round up, including a link to his photo and his bureau of prisons number and status. I think you dont give your readers enough credit, let them make their own mind up. Censorship kills whole lines of potential thinking, and is almost universally decried in the modern world. Whatever, let them eat cake I guess. By the way, I am also responsible (well, me and my sweet wife, who is hip to TOR too and hangs her sockpuppets from the mantle at night) for starting most of the last super large postings on PDD paul, the plus 100+ that everybody loves to participate in. This is great fun, and by outing my avatars, you ruin the illusion. Great work Paul, you win. Feel better?

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