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Baby Brain?

The perception that pregnant moms and moms who have recently given birth have difficulty remembering things has recently been debunked. However, as a woman with twin four-year-olds and a six week old infant, I have to wonder.

When I was pregnant, I attended Stacy Holden’s prenatal yoga classes at the Coppertop Church on Monday nights. Stacy does a great service to pregnant moms by offering this class. She will often say, ‘Try to remember this pose when you have given birth as it is good for stretching out muscles that tense up while you are nursing’. I for one, am not good at remembering such poses. So, I encouraged Stacy to publish a booklet/pamphlet or something for pregnant and new moms to continue the lessons we’ve learned in her class. She was one step ahead of me. Stacy would like to produce a CD with spoken word instructions on poses that would have an accompanying poster with photographs of the poses. She has worked with Chelsea E. Morgan and Magic Box photography and has a collection of photos she’d like to use.

So, why am I posting this? She’d like some help with recommendations for a process to produce the CD. Should she contact a recording studio to produce the CD? If so, anyone have any recommendations?

I’d really like to see her achieve this goal, so I’m working as a middleman in the process. Thanks for your feedback!

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