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Pilot has a PDD thanks to Cirrus!

A small plane pilot walked away unhurt from a crash near Kiowa, Colo. early Sunday after he deployed the aircraft’s parachute system, authorities said.

(“Pilot unhurt after plane’s parachute cushions crash near Kiowa” story from Denver7 no longer archived.)

Minnesota woman’s pregnancy survives
falling cow, tornado

And the dish ran away with the spoon!

From the Star Tribune.

A Minnesota woman who was pregnant when a tornado dropped a cow on her last summer has given birth to the baby.

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 2010

Partridge and life as we know it

Right on time, the partridge are back in my crab apple tree. They have been here ever since I moved in. They move to my feeder come winter (I put out cracked corn for them) and beat a path through the snow (I can see their little heads poking up above their snow-bank path as they come, which gets taller as winter progresses). I love it that some things never change.

One day, years ago, I went out to my rental cabin to clean and noticed white poop everywhere. I mean everywhere! (I didn’t go out to clean for days in between rentals.) I looked around and saw a little window broken out, (actually in). So I looked closer, and saw a partridge sitting on the sofa. We blinked at each other. He let me pick him up, and set him free outside. Me and his prodigy have been friends ever since.

Remember the glory days of smelting?

They weren’t that great (I had to clean them as a kid!). I used to think the smelts were planted in Lake Superior as a food for the fishery, not so.

The Mystery of the Missing Smelt

I wasn’t born to follow

Summer is over, maples are turning and birds are migrating. I was reminded of this old song … and being of that era, this movie, and thankful some things do not change. Move on, PDD.

Easy Rider – The Byrds – Wasn’t Born to Follow II

Eaten Alive!

Holland and Holly (both good swimmers) are frolicking in Fish Lake just beyond the dam west of Highbanks. Me, I’m lounging on the beach as the designated adult. They had thrown a large log into the water and were trying to sit on it, splashing their feet and paddling further out into the lake.

Suddenly, screaming. “A snapping turtle! Trying to bite us! Lynn! Help!” I spring up and swim to them. Coming into view, a very large snapping turtle head poking up out of the water not far from them. The Goliath had noticed the commotion. I swear that turtle had a shell that was at least a yard in diameter, the largest I have ever seen and I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes.

As I dog-paddled in place by their log, the turtle submerged. I comforted “he is just passing by, don’t worry.” Except he swam by underwater, inches from the girls, going in the wrong direction. And then, just a few minutes later, he swam by again from the other direction. His flippers and tail looked like a dinosaur to me as he stalked us, his jaws open.

I surmised at this point the girls were telling the truth, the turtle was after them. It had now been twenty minutes and that turtle kept coming back like clockwork. So I proclaimed “Girls, swim for it!” and we got the hell out of the water.

Outlaw gardener