I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed that there are no seagulls on the seagull island that is visible from the “high bridge.” There have been hundreds of them bobbing on the lake as well as along the pier of the high bridge.

Did someone do something to their nesting area? Just curious.



about 12 years ago

Tourists feeding them too much food so they can't fly home :)


about 12 years ago

Could it be seasonal temp changes?  Hmmmm...


about 12 years ago

There are none on their nesting island where they have been plentiful year around. Since I posted this note I have noticed that they are now found primarily on the pier, tourists or not. I am just wondering if something was done to their natural habitat. Does anyone know someone from the DNR that might know?

William Ring

about 12 years ago

Funny you mentioned the DNR. It has a web page on this state wildlife management area here.  It says the nesting season is April to August on this "dredge spoil island."  If you are interested in gull watching, might I suggest the landfill in Superior.  Bring an old umbrella.


about 12 years ago

Not so interested in gull watching just curious if something was done to their natural habit that pushed them off the island over to the Canal.

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