Snow Removal Advice

A friend in Lakeside needs advice on snow removal.

She lives in a small one-bedroom house and is looking for someone to remove snow on her walkway and in front of her garage.

A few questions:

1. Does one contract by the month or by the snowfall or…? What has experience shown you?

2. Is there such a thing as a “professional” snow remover? It seems risky to just pay a neighbor, who might herniate or fall over or be attacked by polar bear.

3. Finally, any recommendations?



about 9 years ago

Don't hire the dudes I saw drinking Budweiser, chewing, and driving plow last winter in Lakeside. They drive an early 90's Chevy. Of course, who am I to judge? Maybe they were the best this neighborhood has to offer, they seemed to be enjoying their work. Do not pay more than one month in advance for anything. I've heard of even "reputable" companies taking people for a ride when this happens, and get lots of references.  My feeling is that getting someone reliable in this arena will not be easy.  Because when snowmaggedon hits, every one of them is busy off their rocker. If you do find someone reliable, you can expect to pay. 100 per month seems to be the going rate.  Sorry if all this doesn't sound encouraging.  I'd help her out until I decide to split for Utah in February.

The blue collar set is always a mixed bag , Duluth rampant with cronyism.  Then again, the white collar set, as my neighbor proves can be bat-shit crazy as well. I sit up at night and pray for the people who have to share an office with him. He's been known to rock in the cradle of the rapture at St Mikes on Sunday morn. Try craigslist, proceed cautiously.

Nick L

about 9 years ago

On the slight chance you need more information than Herzog provided, I checked Angie's List.  

Beauty Lawn Care Service has five A recommendations for snow removal and no negatives. Contact Information is:
4351 Gothenberg Road
Duluth MN 55803

Core Landscaping in Superior offers snow removal in Duluth. They have only one A recommendation and it's for lawn care.


about 9 years ago

I just moved here, and also have a small one-bedroom house with driveway and garage. So I'll tell you what I did ... made tons of phone calls, like 30+, getting free estimates for snow removal. My sources were: Craigslist, listed under Services category "Labor/Move," postings at local library, grocery store and asked people who they get to remove their snow. So now I have 4-6 people to call, but when it really snows, everyone'll be busy. Prices per single snow event ranged from $30-$85. So the last snowfall cost me $30, hand shoveled, done a great job. If we get a foot+ of snow, I'll need to use the guy with snow plow. I also bought myself a shovel, or else I'll go broke living here!

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