Shoveling Posts

Philip Jones Keeping the Stairway into Chester Park Clear

As I struggled to get down into and then out of the Chester Park ravine during a walk, I recalled this short video interview I made with Philip Jones in 2017. Enjoy Philip’s thoughts on stairways, community, and the fact that the Hillside was built for trolleys, not for thousands of cars!

Quiz regarding the location of the Northeast Passage to follow!

Snow Removal Advice

A friend in Lakeside needs advice on snow removal.

Minnesota Workout: Shoveling Snow in Duluth — March 27, 2014

I decided to put on my boots and go out and get a little workout today as only a Minnesotan can. Here is a video of how to workout in Minnesota … with a little Minnesota accentuation.

Gotta getcha shovel if ya wanta go ta work

After finally getting a decent snowstorm, I wanted to have a little fun with the timelapse app. I put my iPhone 4 on my shovel handle with a gorilla pod. It flopped around too much, so I was only able to do a short time lapse.

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