June 2010 Posts

The Ojibwe Experience – Learning Opportunities

This week I had a chance to glimpse some of the immense cultural riches of the Ojibwe people who along with other Native American people have occupied this area for thousands of years. And you can check them out too, if you want.

Presenting Duluth’s Lineup of Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family, 2010 Edition

In addition to the usual Duluth summertime hoopla there seems to be quite a few new or newish attractions this year.

The luxury expedition vessel Clelia II returns to Duluth five times this summer — June 26, July 10, July 24, Sept. 4 and Sept. 18.

Spirit Mountain’s Timber Twister Alpine Roller Coaster opens July 1. Rides are $8.

International Explorations is bringing its Treasure Adventure to the
former LaFarge cement terminal site from July 24 through August 8. Treasure hunter Scott Mitchen will display over $8 million of lost stuff. (Link to short video.)

Eight Tall Ships will visit Duluth between July 28 through Aug. 3.

Walking With Dinosaurs comes to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Aug. 6-8.

Wicked Storm in Duluth

4:30pm — Holy cow the emergency siren went off and a tornado watch has been issued in Duluth. I can’t remember ever hearing that siren go off for realsies before. And it’s so nice out.

According to the National Weather Service’s Duluth forecast office: “Hail and heavy rain reported on Highway 20 just inside St. Louis County.”

4:50pm — It’s actually a severe thunderstorm warning. The tornado watch siren was sounded by mistake. And it’s still sunny and hot in Duluth.

5:30pm — Clouds are creeping in. Faint traces of drizzle. People who are mowing their lawns have begun jogging.

5:45pm — Rumblings in the distance. Is that thunder or an airplane?

6:00pm — A little lightening over the hill. The storm seems to be mostly north of Duluth.

6:20pm — Things seem to be slowly shifting … slowly … holy cow! Run for cover! Or grab a swimsuit and have some fun! No! Don’t do that! Haaaaail! Watch out for flying deck furniture!

6:25pm — Whew. I guess that’s it. Just a little rain now. National Weather Service’s Duluth forecast office: “An aluminum flag pole was snapped in half by the wind (in Proctor). Pea-size hail.”

8:15pm — Lordy mama! Is it coming back? Yikes. Well … I guess it’s not as furious this time. Or maybe I’m less easily impressed.

9:16pm — National Weather Service’s Duluth forecast office: “A 6-to-7-inch-diameter tree snapped off, State Highway 27 (in Brule).”

Dream Job, 1910

I don’t know what he did, but it sounds like a nice gig.

More reason for beer

How do we get ahold of this agent?

Ad from a local newspaper, June 1910.

Grill Wars!

There is a great fundraiser for the Food Bank going on tonight called Grill Wars. It takes place in the courtyard behind Fitgers and features a friendly burger competition between local vendors, and lots of free beef to stuff your gourd with. A cash or non-perishable food donation is all that is required, and beer is for sale. 5-7 pm. See you there!

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride

Hello! Once again, time to fire up your bike and get to the co-op for a ride! Have you got a good secret road you wanna share? We’re running out of new places to go, and with the road construction, it’s a little harder to get out of town. So come one down, and let’s ride.

Help COGGS build Duluth into the best in the Midwest

COGGS is a local nonprofit cycling advocacy group that builds and maintains many of the single-track trails in Duluth, including Piedmont, Spirit Mountain, Lester Park, etc.

In the past six months there have been some incredible things happening with COGGS that I wanted to take a moment to share with the rest of the Twin Ports community.

Another opportunity for Amsoil

Superior-based Amsoil is paying $6 million for naming rights to the new arena at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. So, is $20,000 too much to ask to get the logo tattooed on a dude’s arm?

I mention this because a guy from Superior has taken out an ad on Craigslist offering his arm “to be tattooed for an advertisement.” Specifically, he notes it will go on his forearm and be approximately 2-1/2 inches by 7 inches.

Quit Smoking Research Study — UMD School of Medicine

Tired of smoking cigarettes? Have you tried to quit on your own, but had trouble succeeding? How about getting some help with quitting?

The Tobacco Use Research Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth is doing a research study that examines a novel approach to quitting smoking by using a new tobacco product as a step toward becoming smoke-free.

If you are interested in finding out more about the study, call us toll free 877-665-9904 and leave your name and number.

Break out the jean jackets, Tribute Fest is two months away

Oooooh yeeeeeah, you better believe Perfect Duluth Day is a proud sponsor of Tribute Fest at the Buffalo House.

Performers needed — $$$

Arts on Superior (formerly Comprehensive Arts Planning Program) of Two Harbors, in cooperation with the City of Two Harbors, has received a grant to produce 10 outdoor Friday concerts in the historic Thomas Owens Band Shell on Waterfront Drive (6th St) and 3rd Avenue in Two Harbors this season.

Arts on Superior is looking for North Shore artists in various performance genres for this series: music, storytelling, dance, puppetry, and theater.

Another Duluth Farmers Market!

Yay for more Farmers Markets and locally produced goods! Some good folks have branched out and started up a market in the Miller Hill Mall parking lot by the big marquee. It runs every Wednesday from 11-3 and every Saturday from 9-2 … nice for those of us who sleep in on the weekends and don’t make it over to the one on 14th.

Word has it there are some lovely fresh flowers, jams, jellies, etc. there and they are looking for more vendors, even of crafts/jewelry, so if you are looking to table, this is a great spot for it. Check it out, and support your local growers.

Another PDD birthday is upon us

Next Tuesday, June 29, is the 7th anniversary of the first post on Perfect Duluth Day — which is what we call PDD’s birthday.

We’ll be having a little cocktail affair, as usual. This year it will be at Pizza Luce, in the bar. Let’s say 8:30ish.

There will be a tofu raffle, we’ll give away our last two-dozen PDD bumper stickers and … gosh, I don’t know, maybe you should dress up as your Gravatar.

Anyway, mark your calendar or whatever. I’ll remind you again next week.

By the way, trivia fans, PDD shares its birthday with comedian Richard Lewis and actors Gary Busey and Slim Pickens.

Yesterday in History

Sorry for the belatedness, but I felt I had to acknowledge the 16th anniversary of the release of Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand, one of my favorite rock albums of all time. Pitchfork has it at #10 in the Top 100 Albums of the ’90s, a tad low if you ask me. I may be slightly obsessed with GBV, but I think this album has something for just about everyone. “I am a Scientist!”