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What is the dawn chorus of birds?

In the West Duluth area we get two choruses — a din of birds sing-talking. It’s annoying. It happens at dawn and also dusk. I am wondering if there is an expert who could tell me what type of bird this might be. I don’t have a recording, but it usually goes something like wa-oh wa-oh wa-oh twitter spike. The song is really varied with each “sentence” or “question.” It happens before the crows start their cawing craziness and the seagulls start piping up.

Lost dog in Lincoln Park

I was walking in Lincoln Park just an hour ago and this female dog seemed to not know where to go. She was poking her nose in snowbanks back and forth for blocks along Third street. She wouldn’t let me get close enough to see her tags. She’s golden hued, sort of like a short-haired golden retriever if there is such a thing. She has a white muff (chin and neck). She’s donning a red collar. The likelihood that someone reading this will find her is minimal, but I figured the readership here would know people who know people to take care of these type of things. It’s not that warm out there.

St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic double billing?

Have you ever been double billed by SMDC?

I received a bill from both St. Mary’s and the Duluth Clinic that didn’t go away after paying the clinic. My friend recently also ran into the same problem. Database glitch?

I should add the bill was exactly the same amount.

Please don’t cheese

From DNT article…

“We found a Hollywood director with ties to our area to shoot a short movie, about 10 minutes long, that we are gearing for Google,” Garmoe said. “We want to make sure that Google sees us, and this is one of our many efforts make us stand out from other cities.”

In my head, a collage of clips from movies and songs that mention Duluth would be pretty cool.  Make it artsy, I says.  Other ideas that aren’t terribly cheesy? (i.e. DBU commercials; no offense)

McKenzie’s good, alive yet?

I was wondering if anyone could comment on McKenzie’s north of Miller Hill Mall. Good, bad, even open yet? Obviously, I don’t hit the hill that much.

What happens when you let rhubarb have its way

rhubarb gone awry

This plant made itself a home on the brick patio when I was a kid, and on a clay/sand bed, no less. It sits next to canisters of oil and fuel. We’ve done everything to oust it, but it always comes back. Not that I really want to get rid of it since I like the stuff, but talk about a hardy plant. The vertical woody stems are around 8.5 feet. Suggestions? Other than digging out the whole yard?

Makes me think of Rick Moranis for some reason.

Rebooting without Consent


Umm, yeah…

Windows Vista decided to reboot my system without my consent mid-game (Yes I’m a late night gamer geek).  So let’s look at this for a second.  What if I were running a 2 hour crunching program, or working on an important spreadsheet?  No terrible offense, MS, but your promises are half-assed.

BTW, do you have those TPS reports done?