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Google Fiber experiment over; Duluth spared

FiberBob Collins reported this week for Minnesota Public Radio that “Duluth dodged Google’s fiber optic bullet.”

Six years after Duluth came up short in its bid to be a test community for ultra-high speed internet connections, the experiment is looking like an expensive boondoggle. After digging up a half-dozen cities to lay fiber-optic cables, the company is now shifting into plans to transmit fast internet through the air.

Google Fiber Update

USA Today reports Google Fiber is considering three new cities for its high-speed Internet service: San Diego, Irvine and Louisville.

Don’t worry, Duluth is in line for a new project: Google Chopped Liver.

Google Fiber (Austin, TX)

Google Fiber – Duluth, it looks like your next best bet will be Austin, TX. You should consider moving there. I’ll help you pack.

Via Ars Technica.

Google Fiber up for registration in Kansas

I think Duluth needs to start a pre-registration campaign to show Google we are serious and want to be next to get Google Fiber. Pre-register here.

Google Kansas Starts Hanging Tubes

Google Inc. will begin construction today in Kansas City, Kan., on its long-awaited, much-coveted ultrafast Internet service. The company planned to make the announcement this morning in a blog post by Kevin Lo, the Google executive heading up the project.”

Fiber in Duluth – What’s the haps?

Since this summer, I’ve seen several large, blaze orange coils of fiber optic cable being installed throughout the city. As of today I spotted some by Holy Rosary and up near Home Depot on Central Entrance.

Does anyone know if our Google overlords are trying to pull a fast one on us? Were area ISPs startled into actually building out their networks up here? Please tell me I’ll be browsing the Internet at satisfyingly fast speeds in the near future.

Google features Angela’s Bella Flora

Google has been increasingly active in Minnesota lately. It joined the Minnesota High Tech Association, has been hiring, and held a series of workshops in St. Paul.

I’m tickled … Angela’s Bella Flora has been featured as part of Google’s Minnesota Get Online initiative.

Google is already in Duluth

Installing a typical home TiSP system is a quick, easy and largely sanitary process — provided you follow these step-by-step instructions very, very carefully.

TiSP: Going with the Flow

The Fortunately, Unfortunately, Fortunately of Google Fiber

Fortunately, Duluth-Superior put together a great bid for Google Fiber in the Spring as Google Twin Ports. We generated tons of buzz nationwide, and even worldwide and mobilized thousands of community members in support of the project. I was a tiny (miniscule, really) cog in the wheel that was the ad-hoc Google Twin Ports steering committee in the first part of this year. And just like everyone else, I have been anxiously waiting for the end of the year for the community (ies) that will get Google Fiber to be announced.

Unfortunately, as noted in another PDD post, Google has said they can’t decide yet and they’ve kicked the announcement date down into 2011.

Fortunately, that aforementioned PDD post from Brian B was on the coveted first page of “links” on the most recent official Google Fiber blog post!

This could mean anything or not much so try not to call me too naive here. But one thing is certain: They haven’t forgotten us. I say that means we are still in the hunt folks, and I think we’re a front runner when I consider all the factors I can think of, climate, community support, integration, availability of “dark” fiber, competing delivery systems (WiMax, 3G, Cable, DSL, even Superior Broadband’s nifty radio thing) attractiveness of the community and the list goes one. And I’ll just add in one more huge asset we have: Perfect Duluth Day. And that there screenshot proves they know that, too.

Google seeking input

Heads up: Google has created a new mailing list for discussing 1 Gbps fiber Internets in our community. Google employees want to know what we’ll do with it, discuss things we have done during the campaign, compare notes with enthusiasts in other cities and that sort of thing. Show them Duluth is still in this by chiming in with your ideas.

Visit the group discussion homepage | Current active thread

Fiber Optics: The Final Frontier

Some of the Google Fiber videos from a few months ago never made it to PDD. Since there seems to be renewed interest in the subject following the release of Google Goes to Twin Ports, it seems like a good time to highlight some of the good work put out by a wide variety of people. The director of the above video is 14 years old.

Duluth Google Fiber Movie!


Why Google Should Choose Duluth

“Cities Go Gaga for Google Fiber”

Catching up on some of my favorite tech blogs this morning and found this familiar face headlining a post on Gizmodo

Duluth, Minnesota
But wait! Patrick Garmoe, public information officer of the Google Twin Ports Initiative laughs sheepishly as he explains Googlefest, an event that is one part rally, one part carnival and all parts enthusiasm for the promise of Google Fiber. In the midst of bands, choirs and other entertainment, “We’ll be shooting a movie with real actors and a Hollywood director and live-streaming the event to impress Google,” Garmoe says. The new initiative comes on the heels of Deluth mayor Don Ness’s own stunts. In a spoof video proclamation that in honor of Google, all first born males would be henceforth named GoogleFiber and first born females would of course be Googlette. Also, he literally sunk to a new low in the brutal battle for business. He jumped into the freezing waters of Lake Superior. Hizzoner, perhaps you’ll be deterred from further lunacy by these extremely gnarly Google Image results for “frostbite.”

[Google Twin Ports]

Sen Al Franken Resurrects “Duluth Answer Man” to Support Twin Ports Google Fiber

MARCH 10, 2010 – Minnesota Sen. Al Franken has joined The Google Twin Ports Fiber Initiative by resurrecting his Duluth Answer Man clips.

Duluth’s campaign combines a fun and creative grassroots campaign with a very serious effort to build a strong business case for bringing Google Fiber to the Twin Ports.

The Duluth Answer Man campaign was produced in the mid 80s by the Duluth Convention and Visitors Bureau, known today as Visit Duluth. The series ran in the Twin Cites market as the summer tourism campaign for Duluth.