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What is the dawn chorus of birds?

In the West Duluth area we get two choruses — a din of birds sing-talking. It’s annoying. It happens at dawn and also dusk. I am wondering if there is an expert who could tell me what type of bird this might be. I don’t have a recording, but it usually goes something like wa-oh wa-oh wa-oh twitter spike. The song is really varied with each “sentence” or “question.” It happens before the crows start their cawing craziness and the seagulls start piping up.



about 8 years ago

Those are called Robins.


about 8 years ago

Okay, I feel like an idiot. I should have known that. They are very persistent.


about 8 years ago

American Robin.  One of the most beautiful bird songs there is!  It's their nesting song, used to maintain territory around their nests.  Generally you'll hear it from May to July in Duluth.


about 8 years ago

Thanks to you also. Man those guys are loud sometimes, especially when they're all trying their best to have the loudest voice. And, then all of the sudden, there's silence.


about 8 years ago

Herzog, why are you purposely trying to hurt someone with your comment?

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