Crazy Pine Siskins

We have a gazillion pine siskins at our bird feeders right now. The feeders have to be filled twice a day to keep up with these ravenous little guys. Does anyone know what the story is? We have had siskins before but never so many at one time. Undoubtedly our seeds are tasty, but …



about 9 years ago

I suspect we are seeing an irruption. 

I have had quite a few at my feeder as well, and they are reluctant to allow the chickadees in. Mixed into the flock I will spot an occasional Redpoll. Very fun!


about 9 years ago

Same here.  A flock of 30-40 of them have been coming to my feeder several times a day for about a week now.  They can empty the feeder in a few hours.  Meanwhile, the chickadees have disappeared.


about 9 years ago

Same here-there has been an influx of pine siskins and redpoll at my feeders too. It would be interesting to know if there is an explanation.


about 9 years ago

Us, too. Dozens of ravenous, quarrelsome siskins who seem to have driven the chickadees away.


about 9 years ago

Ditto.  The siskens are engaging in Bird Wars, and are scaring our chickadees away.  We put out food for everyone, and now the birds are chowing down, sort of in harmony, but still with much aggression.

Kristi Johnson

about 9 years ago

Siskin Madness over here in Lakeside as well. 

Marshall Hardware keeps doubling their orders of finch food (delivered on Monday and Thursday mornings) and still can't keep up.
**A note - in 2008 there was a "siskin irruption" in Duluth and after a bit people noted siskins and redpolls dying at their feeders - apparently from salmonella. So I guess the deal is to rake clean the area under the feeders where lots of seed and finch poop are accumulating?

Kristi Johnson

about 9 years ago

Also, don't forget to peruse the Finch Forecast for 2014-2015. Always a good read.

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