a good judge of character
an inspection specialist,
DNA diagnosed
just like the rest of us.
blessed with trust
till I bleed rust,
heavy hanging cross
can’t say no the boss.
obedience is law
but the law is flawed,
judge less less he be judged
teeth nails and claws.
nose deep in the trough
anorexic feeding frenzy,
starving for knowledge
has become so trendy.
culture in a blanket
wrapped up and comfy,
i pave a future
cuz the road is bumpy.
parallel pacifist
road rage activist,
swerving and cursing
I woke up in a casket.
to the left of my view
was a case full of baskets,
then a blackout happened
erupting all magic.
uplifting the pen
mightier than the sword,
to my brian i gave faith
and to my self I swore.
to bail out the blood
that my heart pours,
through the words I write
emotional sores.

through the words that i write…
emotional sores…

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