June 2010 Posts

Do I have the right to drive to work without seeing dead fetuses?

Apparently not. Corner of First Street and First Avenue East. The fact is, I cannot get to the parking lot for work without driving by, and often getting stopped at a light, near signs of dead fetuses.

Looks like Maya is expanding

Any news on when it’s opening?

Tornado Warning


St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic double billing?

Have you ever been double billed by SMDC?

I received a bill from both St. Mary’s and the Duluth Clinic that didn’t go away after paying the clinic. My friend recently also ran into the same problem. Database glitch?

I should add the bill was exactly the same amount.

Seagulls on Wisconsin Point

Romano’s is Jacqui’s

What’s with the cute little curtains at Romano’s Grocery?

Romano’s, 231 E. Superior St., has been transformed into Jacqui’s Deli, Grocery and Gifts. Homemade soups and sandwiches is the focus.

It opened June 16.


a good judge of character
an inspection specialist,
DNA diagnosed
just like the rest of us.
blessed with trust
till I bleed rust,
heavy hanging cross
can’t say no the boss.
obedience is law
but the law is flawed,
judge less less he be judged
teeth nails and claws.
nose deep in the trough
anorexic feeding frenzy,
starving for knowledge
has become so trendy.
culture in a blanket
wrapped up and comfy,
i pave a future
cuz the road is bumpy.
parallel pacifist
road rage activist,
swerving and cursing
I woke up in a casket.
to the left of my view
was a case full of baskets,
then a blackout happened
erupting all magic.
uplifting the pen
mightier than the sword,
to my brian i gave faith
and to my self I swore.
to bail out the blood
that my heart pours,
through the words I write
emotional sores.

through the words that i write…
emotional sores…

Getting Rowdy at the Grace!

show poster for Loup-Garou

Hey Duluth! You just survived the madness of Grandmas, what better way to relax than some live tunes at the Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe? Loup-Garou will be kicking off their summer Tuesday night at 8pm. John Koepp will be playing an opening set then we plan on getting a bit rowdy. Come for a sandwich, coffee, or some soup and treat yourself to some trumpet and banjo-filled indie-folk!

Duluth Huskies baseball

Duluth Huskies sweep the Mankato Moondogs and are one game out of first place. Meanwhile, the Twins changed their background to a Dove Men ad.



Pogo is an artist who creates music from movies.

Exhibit A:

more videos all over Youtube
download all albums @ www.pogomix.net


iPhone App Suggestions

Heading on a family trip with a four year old and a seven year old.  Suggestions for educational or entertaining iPhone apps for the kids would be appreciated.

Stuff I Like – Father’s Day Edition

I like my Infantino baby carrier.

Originally we had gotten an infant sling carrier for Mrs. Goose to carry the baby around in but she didn’t like it, and it was a little too small for me to use, plus it seemed vaguely unsafe so it sat on a shelf and she got a another one that worked well for her and worked with breast feeding and nap time, etc. But we didn’t have one for dad. Then, sure enough, the other carrier WAS unsafe, we got a recall notice in the mail and I wouldn’t have even done it since, by then, he was over a year old and walking and we didn’t really need one, but hey … free stuff.

So this is what they sent me:

Happy Hour with Shana at Zeitgeist — now taking song requests!

Beginning June 24 Shana David will host a weekly happy hour that includes Ellington, Hendrix, Weill, plus Burt Bacharach every hour on the hour. Also sprinkled in are original tunes including the debut of “Bentleyville Magic,” Shana’s entry in the Bentleyville Theme Song contest.

Please leave lots of song requests in the “comments” section, and stop by Zeitgeist Arts between 4:00 and 6:00 Thursday Evening.

Minnesota Skipping Club

Too old to remember anything

Correction to an earlier post:

Music at Chester Creek Cafe tonight (Friday) is 5-8pm. Not at 7pm
Where’s my old-timers disease medication?