Romano’s is Jacqui’s

What’s with the cute little curtains at Romano’s Grocery?

Romano’s, 231 E. Superior St., has been transformed into Jacqui’s Deli, Grocery and Gifts. Homemade soups and sandwiches is the focus.

It opened June 16.



about 14 years ago

Great news!  I work at the other end of the block.


about 14 years ago

I hope they have a little cart outside with fresh vegetables, like a real downtown grocery store.

Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

Wasn't Jacqui the name of Herb Bergson's wife? Same person?


about 14 years ago

I do believe it's open now, I walked past it today and there was a sign outside that showed the soup special for the day.


about 14 years ago

@Barrett, yes that is her name. For some reason I thought she was involved with Sir Ben's, helping Antonino and his wife there.


about 14 years ago

Maybe Ms. Bergson is doing both, helping out at Sir Ben's and the grocery store. That part of downtown is rocking with a vengeance!

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

I grabbed a half sandwich and chili there today. A strange array of stuff is displayed for sale, along with the random grocery items: stuffed bears, car charms, flowers, etc. It really is what it says it is: a deli, grocery and gift shop, but does all three in a limited way, which I guess is handy for the folks who live in Greysolon.


about 14 years ago

I agree, I thought there was not a lot for the deli. Lots of choices to mix and  match arrangements for a sandwich; not sure on the price of the sandwich ($7). I went with a vegetable soup. It tasted ça va.

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