June 2010 Posts

Hattie Peterson, Coyote and Shaunna Heckman at the Teatro

Thursday July 1, 2010 – 7pm
Compilation CD Release Show
Hattie Peterson | Coyote | Shaunna Heckman
$10 (includes CD)
Teatro Zuccone
222 E. Superior St.
218.336-1414, www.teatrozuccone.com

Artwork by Sarah Heimer

July 1 Art Opening at Beaners Central

New Paintings by Ed Newman at Beaner’s Central
The Many Faces of Ennyman

Original paintings by Ed Newman will be on display at Beaner’s Central in Spirit Valley during the month of July. The public is invited to an art opening July 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. The title of the event will be The Many Faces of Ennyman.

The opening will include live music by Perfectini, a jazz duet comprised of Robert Linnemann on sax with Darin Bergsven, electric guitar, their soothing sounds offering hints of Miles and Wes Montgomery or Billy Bernard. An original film showing the Act of Creation will also be shown during the opening with portions of the soundtrack being original contributions from John Heino of Centerville All Stars fame.

To see examples of Ed’s work, The Many Faces of Ennyman blog can be found at ed-newman.blogspot.com where a new picture is posted each morning. For more information: ennyman @ northlc.com

A portion of proceeds will donated to the Art for a Cure fight against cancer and for the Modest Home Makeover project.

Where in Duluth?

Explore Minnesota Radio

Explore Minnesota and 89.3 The Current have partnered to put together a sampling of popular music from Minnesota bands.

Among the 59 tracks are songs by Retribution Gospel Choir, Cloud Cult, Low and the Alrights.

Click here to check it out.

And, of course, you can hear Minnesota music every Wednesday in Duluth at 5 p.m. on 103.3FM KUMD‘s “The Local.”

Park Point Questions

What is the longest freshwater sandbar in the world? Wikipedia’s Minnesota Point page says that Minnesota Point and Wisconsin Pont combined make the largest freshwater sandbar, and someone at UMD says Park Point alone is the longest. However, a Vista Fleet tour guide said that Minnesota Point was the second longest freshwater sandbar, and a Google search for “second longest freshwater sandbar” finds many references to Park Point.

TV news trickster

Hugh Mongous

This circulated in my Facebook stream, asking if it was the Duluth or Minneapolis ABC station. No, it’s Rochester. A flatter, warmer, duller (save for this!) Duluth.

Perfect Duluth Day’s Seventh Anniversary Tofu Raffle

Lithis is the proud winner of the PDD Tofu Raffle.

Overheard at Beijing Restaurant

Old Woman #1: “Do you have waffles?”
Counter Clerk: “No. We’re a Chinese restaurant.”
Old Woman #1: (loudly to friend, apparently hard of hearing) “They don’t have waffles.”
Old Woman #2: “Ask them if they have pancakes.”
Old Woman #1: “Do you have pancakes?”
Counter Clerk: “No. We only have Chinese food.”
Old Woman #1: (loudly) “No. They only have Chinese food.”
Old Woman #2: “Ask them if they have Chinese pancakes.”

Dial 715 for Superior

Beginning July 17, Duluthians must dial area code 715 to call Superior. The good old days are over.

Starting Aug. 14, some new numbers in the 715 area code will be issued area code 534. What are local calls now will still be local calls, but you’ll have to dial the extra numbers, so it’s pretty much the end of the world as we know it.

Online Meds?

Does anyone out there in PDD land have experience buying legit prescription meds online? Ideally some place inexpensive and trustworthy, of course.

Happy seventh birthday to us

Perfect Duluth Day is seven years old today — Tuesday, June 29. Join us for a small degree of antics at Pizza Lucé’s bar around 8:30 p.m.

Tofu raffle * Cocktail consumption * Cliff-dweller camaraderie

Volunteers Needed – 7/10!

The Morley Heights playground project is moving forward quickly! On Saturday, July 10, our equipment will be delivered to the park and we will need plenty of volunteers to help us assemble it.

We are planning two assembly shifts for the 10th. The first will run from 8am to noon and the second from 1pm to 5pm. No previous construction experience necessary – we just need lots of people power.

If you want to help out, please email me (mickeypearson @ gmail.com) and indicate your availability for that weekend.

Many thanks for your interest and help!

Market Day in the Plaza: SFA Farmers Market at UMD – Every Wednesday!

Fill your market bag with fresh vegetables, breads, bakery, flowers, meats, fruits, berries, eggs, transplants, herbs, spices, canned goods, nuts and lots more all fresh from your neighbors.

Stay to browse handmade treasures from local crafters and artisans while taking in the live local music every week!

EBT/Food Stamp Cards are Welcome!

Every Wednesday!
May 19 – September 29
On the UMD campus at the Kirby Plaza Bus Hub

Where in Superior?

PDD’s Economic Stimulus Package

Duluth's #1 Workplace Productivity Reducer - PerfectDuluthDay.com

Saw this ad in Sunday’s DNT