March 2010 Posts

I am outraged!

Dairy Queen purchases naming rights to BWCAW.

R.I.P. Jaime Escalante (the teacher who inspired ‘Stand & Deliver’)

I don’t know about you, but he made me want to be a teacher to a bunch of really tough, overlooked but brilliant kids. And it worked, I did it. I even used his line about Mayans being first to popularize the zero to my own mostly Mayan descended students a few years after I saw the film when I was a volunteer teacher in Central America. Oddly enough the film didn’t do much to quell my fear of calculus.

I’m not sure how the film holds up now, 22 years later, but it was a great depiction of a great man. RIP, Maestro Escalante.

A Duluth Honeymoon

A friend from down south (heh- Madison, WI) sent me this message below. Strangely, I’m having a hard time coming up with any answers to his questions. It must be because I live here and don’t need to vacation here.  I thought the talented pool of PDD readers would definitely have some feedback.

I’m writing to ask for some help from my friends to the north. Nicolle and I are getting married this summer, and would like to spend a week or so afterward up in the Duluth area. I’m looking for some recommendations from the locals on a good place to go. We’re looking for (ideally) a small cabin on a body of water. Mostly, we just want to avoid hotels. Any thoughts about a cute little place in the Duluth area where some newly weds could spend a quiet, relaxing week? Any help is appreciated. Thanks a million!

Also, I clarified with him and he’s open to places on the Big Lake as well as inland lakes. I used to think Wonderland Resort was the bomb (tiny old-school cabins on the Big Lake) but that property has since been purchased and on it sits a private home.

What to do with old college textbooks

Old College Text Books

Can anyone offer suggestions on what to do with old college text books? I’ve looked on a few buy-back websites and, of course, no one wants to buy them. Is there a textbook recycler?

I don’t feel right just throwing them in the garbage, especially since it’s my very expensive college education we’re talking about! Please let me know what you did in the comments below.

It’s going to be all my fault

I’m thinking of taking my grill out of the garage today. Expect a blizzard this weekend. Sorry.

I’m also taking the plastic off my windows. So there should be at least three feet of snow on the ground by Easter morning.

Advance Warning: “Jitterbug for Jitterbug”

“Jitterbug for Jitterbug”
Supporting Julie “Jitterbug” Pearce’s Earthquake Relief Mission in Haiti

Question about icy intersection video

Can any one answer this?

Hello Carla,

We’re producing a television series for The Weather Channel called, “Weather Caught on Camera.” I’ve found this video on YouTube (see link below), which appears to have been filmed right near your cafe/restaurant – at the intersection of N. 19th Ave. E. & E. Eighth St. We’re very interested in licensing this video for use in our show, but first I have to track down who filmed it.

New Taxi Rule in Duluth

Attention Duluth cab customers: From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. you have to either pre-pay or prove you have the ability to pay before the cab driver will begin the trip.

Details in a Duluth Police Department news release published on John Ramos’ Cheerleader Blog.

Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier coming to Sacred Heart in Duluth

Here’s something I’ve wished for a long time and never thought I’d see happen…

According to News Askew, the official news source for Kevin Smith and View Askew, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier will be coming to Duluth to do a SModcast on April 28 at Sacred Heart Music Center.

Kevin Smith is the writer/director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Clerks 2, and Zak & Miri Make A Porno. He’s also appeared in Scream 3, Catch And Release, Live Free and Die Hard and most recently directed Cop Out. Scott Mosier is his good friend and producer of all the View Askew movies.

The ticks are here

Dear Duluthians,

I went to Jay Cooke for a (muddy) hike yesterday, and returned home to find a little tiny adult male deer tick upon my pant leg.
Let this be your first seasonal warning. Sorry, Paul, but I am still looking forward to your first tick-o-rama, as well.

Where to hike in Duluth when it’s muddy

Where are your favorite places to walk during the sloppy season? (Other than the obvious: Lakewalk, Munger Trail, Skyline Parkway and Western Waterfront Trail.)

The Batshit-Crazy Comes to Duluth

I see that Michelle Bachmann is speaking at Mr. D’s tomorrow. Sigh …

You Don’t Count: Civic Engagement at UMD

The Office of Civic Engagement & MPIRG invite you to this free panel discussion!  Topics to be discussed include the 2010 census and the implications it has for our university, community and state as well as current trends in engagement at UMD.  Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State will be giving an opening statement.  Director of the Office of Civic Engagement Michelle Hargrave will be moderating the panel.

Friday at Luce

Three Local bands will play original rock & folk music and then cover the Beatles ‘Let it Be’ at the end of the night.

– Two Beat Band singing “Don’t Let Me Down”
– Old Knifey & the Cuthroats singing “The Long & Winding Road”
– The Fontanelles playing the original and uncut version of “Dig It”
– Terrible banter from socially awkward singers.

– Lots of flannel.
– Lots of PBRs
– Fontanelles’ confusing material with songs from “Let it Be”
(Replacements) and “Let it Bleed
– the BRAND NEW “Old Knifey” dance.

We promise there will be no ruffies at this show. But we can’t promise there will be cake.

Why Google Should Choose Duluth