March 2010 Posts

High Volt Rustler – “Spinning”

Duluth band High Volt Rustler performs “Spinning” live in studio at KUMD.

Duluth in Winter on a Fixie

This YouTube video has gotten a decent amount of traffic recently. Check out the icy hills of Duluth from the saddle of a fixed-gear bicycle.

Earth Hour 2010

Designed: Chelsey L

Earth Hour will be coming back to the Duluth area this March! From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on March 27 the World Wildlife Fund asks individuals and businesses to turn off their lights for the hour. Nearly one billion people from 87 countries participated in Earth Hour last year!

Anyone Can Participate

Sarah Heimer wanted me to pass along a reminder that the 4th Diorama-Rama is this Saturday at 7pm. Sacred Heart Music Center. All-ages. Info: caradiabolica [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Shorter Days for All of Us?

Maybe this isn’t really a local enough topic for PDD, but given the earlier post on whether we’re vulnerable here to earthquakes, a Yahoo news story today seems interesting and relevant. The Chile quake apparently may have shifted earth’s axis, and made earth days slightly shorter. And this has happened before with big quakes, too.

Reminds me, too, of a Harper’s article from 2000 about dam building. There’s a quotation in that article that says: “The planet accommodates 40,000 large dams–dams more than four stories high–and some 800,000 small ones. They have shifted so much weight that geophysicists believe they have slightly altered the speed of the earth’s rotation, the tilt of its axis, and the shape of its gravitational field. Together they blot out a terrain bigger than California.”

So, any thoughts–think we’re headed towards shorter Perfect Duluth Days due to earthquakes and dam building?

Duluth native Rya Ehle releases first EP – Table No. 9

Rya Ehle

Duluth native Rya Elhe who now lives in Nashville recently released her first EP titled “Table No. 9”.

Growing up in Duluth, Minnesota, Rya Ehle never got used to the 40-below wind chills that blew in off of Lake Superior each winter. It was there that her 18 years of classical piano training began at the young age of 4. At age 6, her passion for songwriting surfaced in compositions titled “Curious Frogs” and “Death of the Bees.” “I remember wanting to be just like Beethoven,” Rya recalls, “and when I found out he’d started writing at age 4, I remember thinking I’m already 6, I need to catch up!”

Listen here:


Tisdales with Cars & Trucks @ Pizza Luce

Apologies in Advance for Opening Such a Shit-Storm of Nerdom

Thursday, March 18 · Triple Rock Social Club
Leslie and the LYs with Christopher the Conquered