Where to hike in Duluth when it’s muddy

Where are your favorite places to walk during the sloppy season? (Other than the obvious: Lakewalk, Munger Trail, Skyline Parkway and Western Waterfront Trail.)



about 14 years ago

John Ramos' answer: Around and around the third level of Enger Tower.

The Big E

about 14 years ago

The Tischer Creek trail was relatively dry yesterday, somewhat surprisingly.


about 14 years ago

The DWP trail through the old Tunnel near Ely's Peak is probably pretty nice. Or Lester Park along the creek. Anything with gravel on it.


about 14 years ago

I like Piedmont most of the time, but it's one of the worst this time of year. Rampant swampy muddiness is... rampant. In fact there are various streams and ponds that appear to directly intersect/overlap the trail.

Keene Creek has some higher ground that is quite passable.


about 14 years ago

Last weekend I hiked up Ely's Peak (from the Munger Trail parking off Beck's Road) via the Superior Hiking Trail and conditions were good.

Yesterday I ran a 7-mile loop on the Lester ski trails and was surprised at how dry they were. well they weren't DRY, but only one of my feet got wet, once, the whole run. I don't mind getting ankle deep in slop though so maybe my standards are unusual.

Of course, all of Park Point including the trail at the end is dry.


about 14 years ago

After my brother took me hiking through a swamp last month and it took 3 washings to get all the mud out of my clothes, I've been leery of hiking around during the mud season, so I say the Lakewalk -- though I love the Chester Creek trails the rest of the time. Like RedIguana says, anywhere where there's gravel.


about 14 years ago

The section of the Superior Hiking Trail along Knife River is fabulous right now. Head north from Shilhon Road.

ms dean

about 14 years ago

I just took a short trek in Lincoln Park, it wasn't bad.


about 14 years ago

Weekend after next, I'll be up on the SHT betwixt Beaver River and Tetegouche. Hopefully the weather will hold and the trails will be passable.

This'll be the earliest I've been on the trails since I moved here.


about 14 years ago

I was on the SHT spur between Amity and Hawk Ridge today. Muddy in parts, but mostly OK, worst was the last 50 years or so into Hawk Ridge. Even walking right through it feet stayed dry in hiking boots


about 14 years ago

Lincoln Park is quite good. The SHT trail from the top of the park is a bit sloppy, but the park itself is perfect.

Not much water coming through today.


about 14 years ago

I second the Lester ski trails.  I was there two weeks ago and they were surprisingly passable.  

Also: the roads around the Antenna Farm, which is one of my new favorite places to walk, and very pretty if you ignore the antennas.  The woods themselves are pretty swampy, but the roads are dry.


about 14 years ago

The cemetery is great for walking a dog (or person) at any time of year.


about 14 years ago

Walked around the Western Waterfront Trail yesterday. Conditions were very good and there was a lot of wildlife. Noisy, noisy geese.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

J, I know what you mean about the noisy geese on the waterfront trail. I was there a few days ago and a group of about 50 of them sounded like they were arguing about abortion or something. They were just comically loud.


about 14 years ago

Paul, I believe that is essentially what the geese were debating. Some members of the gaggle want to sell eggs to local restaurants, while others assert that this practice is immoral.


about 14 years ago

Chester was dry yesterday. SHT from Martin Rd to Jean Duluth is a mess still. Hartley still muddy (as always) in the Root Canal, Swamp, and on the east side ski trails.

Hillsider Newspaper editor

about 14 years ago

Press Release:

The City of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Division is asking the public to refrain from using city hiking trails, snowmobile trails, cross country ski trails, the dog park and the disc golf course. Due to the annual spring thaw all these areas have become soft and are now vulnerable to being damaged with deep ruts and possible erosion.

The public can help prevent damage by staying off these areas until warmer temperatures and drier weather improve conditions. A notice regarding the reopening of the trails, dog park and disc golf course will be provided as soon as conditions permit.

Trails that are open to the public at this time are the Lakewalk, the Munger Trail and the Western Waterfront Trail. In addition, the far eastern part of Skyline Parkway near Hawks Ridge is also a good place to walk as well as the far western end of Skyline Parkway, west of Spirit Mountain. These portions of Skyline are still closed to vehicular traffic


about 14 years ago

Amnicon Falls calls. Go now before the blizzard beats you to it.


about 14 years ago

Please stay off of the closed trails until they get a chance to dry out. Spring is not here quite yet.

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