July 2009 Posts

What happens when you let rhubarb have its way

rhubarb gone awry

This plant made itself a home on the brick patio when I was a kid, and on a clay/sand bed, no less. It sits next to canisters of oil and fuel. We’ve done everything to oust it, but it always comes back. Not that I really want to get rid of it since I like the stuff, but talk about a hardy plant. The vertical woody stems are around 8.5 feet. Suggestions? Other than digging out the whole yard?

Makes me think of Rick Moranis for some reason.

Lose a kitty?



Found on Park Point, it’s black/grey/tan and looks to be in great shape.

Any remaining Starfire “Park Point is for Lovers” T-shirts out in the world?

Anyone know where I can find an large/extra large Park Point is for lovers T-shirt? If you got d’goods, please call me at 522 0471. Thanks so much.

Local TV news flashback fun

Some more vintage Duluth TV newscasts have been posted on YouTube. Red Owl, Jack McKenna, Kirby Puckett … enjoy (though some of the news in these clips is kind of grim).

Hells Angels FAQ

My favorite question on the Hells Angels Web Site FAQ page: “Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe in Hells Angels?” I don’t think the answer is correct, but, uh, do you wanna tell ’em?

National Night Out

nno09 image

National Night Out (NNO) is this coming Tuesday, August 4th.

Help Musicians: Fight Corporate Radio!

Fun fact: Elvis made no money from having his hits played on the radio. You see, although songwriters receive royalties from radio play, performers don’t. Think about it; for all the years you’ve heard “Louie, Louie” on the radio, Jack Ely and the Kingsmen never made a dime. (Any money they made would have been on record sales, and few people bought their albums for the sake of one song. In fact, Richard Berry, the song’s composer, offered to help out Ely, who was living in poverty.)

A bill currently in Congress, H.R. 848, is attempting to address this issue by requiring royalties be paid to the artists who recorded a song, as well as the songwriter. Needless to say, Big Radio opposes the measure, and has been running quite a few commercials lately, urging you to call your Representative, etc., to oppose H.R. 848. I’m urging you to call Senators Franken, Klobuchar, Kohl and Feingold, and Representatives Oberstar and Obey (depending on what state you live in) to SUPPORT H.R. 848.

Here are a few of the mis-truths corporate radio commercials are claiming:

  • This is a tax on radio stations. (No, it’s a royalty payment to performers.)
  • The money will go to big overseas record companies. (Only so that it can be distributed to the performers.)
  • This will kill independent radio stations. (Small, independent stations have an exemption.)

What really steams me is that this last argument was being made this morning on KDAL, a news station. Seriously! When was the last time KDAL played music?

There’s a pretty good op-ed on the Huffington Post today by Dionne Warwick about the bill. (She feels that the lack of performance royalties has hit black artists particularly hard.) The article can be found here.

Again, please call or e-mail your Reps and Senators to support H.R. 848, or at least call out the radio stations when they run their misinformation campaigns.

Friday Benefit Featuring Teague Alexy

Teague Alexy, Flam Sharam & The Rez
Spearhead Benefit for Maki Family

Friday, July 31 @ Bohemia Arts
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

DULUTH, Minn. (July 31, 2009) – Renowned local musician Teague Alexy will perform at a benefit for Nicole (Cole) Maki and her family.

Cole recently suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of her step-father. Funds raised will off-set the costs involved for funeral expenses.

Flam Sharam, a legendary Twin Ports jam band, will perform its first show in four years. This benefit will also feature music by former members of The Rez.

In addition to band performances, there will be a fire dancing performance by The Spin Collective and live drumming. If you do or do not own a drum, participation is welcomed. Numerous local businesses are also participating in a silent auction to benefit the Maki family.

WHO: Benefit for Nicole (Cole) Maki & her family.

WHAT: Concerts & Silent Auction

WHEN: Friday, July 31, 2009

WHY: To raise money to off-set memorial and other costs

To donate an auction item or for more information please contact Eric Bong at [email protected].

Bikers For Boobs 2009

On August 15, 2009 the YWCA will participate in the 2nd Annual Bikers for Boobs motorcycle ride. The riders will depart from Rapids Riverside Bar and Grill at noon on the 15th, and travel to 5 stops along the scenic south shore of Lake Superior. Following the ride, a full pizza and soda buffet will be provided by Rapids Riverside, and your meal is included in the 15.00 event ticket price. There will also be live music, grand prize drawings, and a silent auction filled with great prizes. T-shirts for the event are $10.00 and raffle tickets are $5.00. You can purchase any of these items at the YWCA (32 E First St. Suite 202) or at Rapids Riverside (4385 S Cty. Rd. South Range, WI). All proceeds from this event will stay in our area to provide assistance to local women with the costs associated with breast health.

Poor Bird


This poor bird died on impact but it sure left a nice piece of art on the Saint Mary’s skywalk.

Aurora Baer at Carmody

Every Tuesday 9:00 -1:00 pm. Folk, blues and jazz performed with vocals, guitar and harmonica. Come check it out!


Veg Week Volunteers Needed!

Compassionate Action for Animals hosts an annual Veg Week in the Twin Cities and we would like to kick one off in the Duluth area! The event includes a “Pledge to be Veg” element in which people either sign up to be vegetarian or vegan for the week depending on their current diet, and receive a vegan care package and a Pledge to be Veg Card that offers discounts at local veg-friendly establishments. There are many things that we could plan including film viewings and veggie cookouts. The more help and ideas the better this event will be. Help put together Duluth’s first annual Veg Week! Email for more details: tinahigginsjohnson @ gmail.com


From the Star Tribune.


Got this forwarded to me in an email.

Looks like a protest.

duluth protest on july 30

Bellydance Class

Vintage Orientale dance instructor Brea Morgiane will be holding a final beginner’s bellydance class in August prior to her move overseas. $42 for a four-week session, coin belts available for purchase in class. Male and female students welcome.

Elite Dance Productions, 218-723-1337 to sign up.