Hells Angels FAQ

My favorite question on the Hells Angels Web Site FAQ page: “Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe in Hells Angels?” I don’t think the answer is correct, but, uh, do you wanna tell ’em?


Not an Outlaw, I Swear

about 15 years ago

That's hilarious! So, if hell wasn't an imaginary place in the first place, and there were actually more than one, it'd still be "Hells' Angels." 

Someday my grammar skills iz gonna get me killed yo!

Jim M

about 15 years ago

Metonym; now there is a fancy word.


about 15 years ago

Not sure if anyone caught this news item about a gang related wedding murder last week.  Canadian officials say that recent gang wars in WINNIPEG are due to a void created by recent procecutions of ... wait for it ... the Hells Angels.


Hells Angels are bad players, folks.  I agree the story is being massively over hyped in the local media and my biggest problem is that it focuses on various romantic notions, and superficial things about the motor club lifestyle and not on the truly awful stuff that we should all be scared of, that is, pervasive organized crime, drugs trade, prostitution and human trafficking.

But thanks Dave, I enjoyed reading the faq

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

Thanks for a reality check wildgoose

Todd Gremmels

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