Local TV news flashback fun

Some more vintage Duluth TV newscasts have been posted on YouTube. Red Owl, Jack McKenna, Kirby Puckett … enjoy (though some of the news in these clips is kind of grim).

And one more thing … that “Metro News 6” (what’s with the “Metro”?) theme music reminds me of the 3-2-1 Contact theme. So here’s that:


Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

I don't know about "Metro News" but Action News and Eyewitness News are both widespread local-news formats. It's funny that WDIO has used both.

These clips are great. So much has changed in local news since then.


about 15 years ago

What a time machine.  Very surprised the "second class phones" jingle is still taking up space in my memory.


about 15 years ago

ok, jack mckenna was a clown ... all he did was point at temps that we can already read. When I used to do shows at the old orpheum (now downtown computer) on the corner of Sup and 2nd E. I'd see him pull up at the stop light waiting to turn down onto michigan st. He'd be wiping pepper cheese burger stains off his tie cuz he just ate @ the pickwick and lighting a huge cigar..These days I love the old time radio show he does on KUWS. Guess that makes me an old clown too.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

I love that the Vikings #1 draft pick Gerald Robinson's favorite performer is Boy George, and coach Jerry Burns tells him, "We don't want anything more about that Boy George stuff. Keep that low profile on Boy George."

You tell him, coach.

It's also a nice coincidence that the story about local schools considering a smoking ban is on that clip, since the subject was brought up just a week ago in the Last Look at Three West Duluth Structures post.

And yeah, those Fruit Bars sure are ugly.

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