Veg Week Volunteers Needed!

Compassionate Action for Animals hosts an annual Veg Week in the Twin Cities and we would like to kick one off in the Duluth area! The event includes a “Pledge to be Veg” element in which people either sign up to be vegetarian or vegan for the week depending on their current diet, and receive a vegan care package and a Pledge to be Veg Card that offers discounts at local veg-friendly establishments. There are many things that we could plan including film viewings and veggie cookouts. The more help and ideas the better this event will be. Help put together Duluth’s first annual Veg Week! Email for more details: tinahigginsjohnson @


Danny G

about 12 years ago

Hell yeah!  Sign me up!

Oh wait.  That's an "e" and not an "a".

Never mind.

eco eco

about 12 years ago

Your group hasn't even formed yet and its quality has already improved.


about 12 years ago

I am not one to "feed the trolls," but, Danny, that was gross, insensitive, chauvinistic, and offensive. Next time, keep those comments inside your head instead of sharing them with the world. I'm just guessing, but comments like that may be one of the reasons your podcast isn't at the top of everyone's listening list. Thanks.


about 12 years ago

What is the date and time of the event??

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