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Dragon boating — it’s not just one weekend a year

20 paddlers. One person steering. One calling commands. One long, Chinese-design canoe.  Add these all up and you get a great workout on the water with great people.

Rod Raymond – Part II

Duluth News Tribune: “UMD investigates two new complaints against Raymond

Duluth News Tribune: “Ex-UMD official: He advised firing Raymond, was demoted

Old PDD Post: “Regarding Rod Raymond

Show me the way

Has anyone from Duluth driven to Minneapolis in the past 12 hours? They are saying I-35 is out from Hwy 210 (Carlton) to Mahtowa. But what’s a good alternate route? If the interstate is a mess, I can’t imagine what county roads and highways are viable options. I need to be in St Paul by 2 p.m. — help. I was thinking 210 west to 73 south… but 73 west of Moose Lake is closed. Gahhh.  What about Highway 61 south?  I’m not trusting the DOT 511 Page because it’s not totally in line with what recent news is telling me.

Cheap Weekend Fun

The UMD Women’s Hockey team (uh … five-time national champs, by the way) takes on the Sioux (North Dakota) this weekend at Amsoil Arena. The game is in the afternoon to accommodate the men’s game (I think they have one Natty but you would think they had a dozen with all the hype) who are playing in the evening.

Tickets are $1 in advance from the UMD Ticket Office and $3 at the door on game day. Kids 10 and under get in free with an adult!

Someone in Duluth Loves Me…

I’m headed out to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia in a couple weeks to visit some newly formed friends whose daughter attends school here at UMD.   Capers are lovely, hospitable, and will take you in as their very own.  Since they are planning the most authentic, local, Cape Breton experience for me (lobster fishing, sailing, music & pubs) I would like to bring some gifts from Duluth that really reflect the culture here. Something besides a shirt that says, “Someone in Duluth Loves Me” (though I’m not opposed to Ts.)  Keep in mind that things like maple syrup and blueberries are very much a part of their culture given the similar climates.  Wild Rice might be a unique option though.   Thoughts?  What would you bring from Duluth to far away lands?

Outdoor Gear Sample Sale

It won’t be as epic as Hansi’s, I’m sure, but I’m clearing out the samples this afternoon and tomorrow until noon.

UMD Women’s Hockey $1!

Hey sports fans — the UMD Women’s Hockey program wraps up its regular season this weekend at the Amsoil arena. Tickets are $1 in advance! $3 at the door!

For anybody that wants to comment like a caveman and say that women’s hockey is boring, you should know that this team has won 5 national championships in 10 years. These women are some of the best players in the world and many are Olympians. The program boasts every color of medal with current and past players. In a nutshell, these women would school you in a game of shinny any day. But the best part? These young women are really fabulous people. I’ve had a chance to get to know some of them over the years and it makes me a bigger fan.

Duluth Google Fiber Movie!


Paddles Up!

The Duluth Boat Club’s Dragon Boat Team, the Invincible Dragons, is looking for a few good men and women. We need to round out our team with some power and style. A dragon boat requires 20 paddlers, a steersperson and a drummer (like a coxswain in rowing) and we have space on our roster.

The team will race in the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival on Aug. 28 as well as two other festivals in the area. We are a friendly group of paddlers and athletes, new and seasoned, that take our competition seriously and take our fun even more seriously.  Skill, fitness, sportsmanship, and friendship are some of our key values on the team.  We meet roughly once a week for practice and usually will kill any beneficial workout with a couple of beers following. Anybody is welcome and we’ll teach you how to paddle the dragon boat stroke.

For more info send an email to megankress at gmail dot com.

A Duluth Honeymoon

A friend from down south (heh- Madison, WI) sent me this message below. Strangely, I’m having a hard time coming up with any answers to his questions. It must be because I live here and don’t need to vacation here.  I thought the talented pool of PDD readers would definitely have some feedback.

I’m writing to ask for some help from my friends to the north. Nicolle and I are getting married this summer, and would like to spend a week or so afterward up in the Duluth area. I’m looking for some recommendations from the locals on a good place to go. We’re looking for (ideally) a small cabin on a body of water. Mostly, we just want to avoid hotels. Any thoughts about a cute little place in the Duluth area where some newly weds could spend a quiet, relaxing week? Any help is appreciated. Thanks a million!

Also, I clarified with him and he’s open to places on the Big Lake as well as inland lakes. I used to think Wonderland Resort was the bomb (tiny old-school cabins on the Big Lake) but that property has since been purchased and on it sits a private home.

Duluth Recreational Hockey Groups, Pickup Games, etc.

Is there an adult (I use that term loosely) recreational hockey group in town? A variety of Google searches leaves me without answers.

Better yet, how about a women’s group? Ely has a successful group, Chix with Stix, and I would love love love if we had something like this in town.

If the answer is no, then who’s in to get this going?

Dull Knife

Looking for a local knife sharpening to put a good edge on my kitchen knives.  Anyone have any suggestions?