UMD Women’s Hockey $1!

Hey sports fans — the UMD Women’s Hockey program wraps up its regular season this weekend at the Amsoil arena. Tickets are $1 in advance! $3 at the door!

For anybody that wants to comment like a caveman and say that women’s hockey is boring, you should know that this team has won 5 national championships in 10 years. These women are some of the best players in the world and many are Olympians. The program boasts every color of medal with current and past players. In a nutshell, these women would school you in a game of shinny any day. But the best part? These young women are really fabulous people. I’ve had a chance to get to know some of them over the years and it makes me a bigger fan.

2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Haley Irwin (Dan Hass photo)

Come check out the new arena, treat yourself to some walleye, and be surprised with the level of play. You’ll be glad you did! They are worth supporting. For what it’s worth, the University of Wisconsin (another top program) did a similar thing and filled the Kohl Center with over 9,000 fans! Let’s not let Madison top us! (Yeah yeah yeah — I know capacity at Amsoil is less than that.)



about 13 years ago

Although I am only a passing fan, I do enjoy hockey and I may try to bring my girls down to check this out.  I'd love to see that arena filled.  I also agree they are fantastic hockey players and our region should be so proud to have top athletes like these here, including Olympians from many countries.  

Largely due to women's sports, UMD was home to more olympians than almost any other school in the world in the 2010 Olympics which I noted  here  about a year ago.


about 13 years ago

Goose- know that if you want in on the $1 rate, you have to get the tickets at UMD this week otherwise it's $3.  Yes, Three whole dollars.  I believe kids under 10 are free. Glad you can make it!

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