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Has anyone from Duluth driven to Minneapolis in the past 12 hours? They are saying I-35 is out from Hwy 210 (Carlton) to Mahtowa. But what’s a good alternate route? If the interstate is a mess, I can’t imagine what county roads and highways are viable options. I need to be in St Paul by 2 p.m. — help. I was thinking 210 west to 73 south… but 73 west of Moose Lake is closed. Gahhh.  What about Highway 61 south?  I’m not trusting the DOT 511 Page because it’s not totally in line with what recent news is telling me.



about 12 years ago

We drove to Saint Paul yesterday afternoon.  It took 6 hours.  We were sent way off in the woods by DPS - to the west side of Mille Lacs.  Saw a Mama Bear and two cubs anyway.


about 12 years ago

Anyone know anything about Hwy 61 south?  Can't see that it's closed.


about 12 years ago

Maybe "mk"  is my friend "kl" so maybe you already know this? 

On facebook kl is reporting that 61 south is looking good and she's making good progress headed south.


about 12 years ago

Not KL.  But thank you!!!


about 12 years ago

What are driving conditions between Duluth and Grand Marais?  I had a trip planned for my birthday this weekend, and after all this rain I would love to see all the rivers and waterfalls, but I don't want the car to drop into a sinkhole on the way there.


about 12 years ago

We drove last night (from 5-7pm-ish) FROM Minneapolis TO Duluth.  The alternative route that we were told to use by the State Trooper was to take old Highway 61.

61 was totally dry and traffic moved at ~65 MPH.  You'd exit at Black Bear Casino, take a LEFT to go under the interstate, then take the first RIGHT and turn onto 61.  Follow it for about 10 miles(?) and then just hop back onto 35.  I'm guessing that the detour added maybe 10 minutes to the drive.


about 12 years ago

We drove up I-35 early this afternoon and we made it just fine. Some of the rivers had risen right up to the bridges, though.

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