Duluth Recreational Hockey Groups, Pickup Games, etc.

Is there an adult (I use that term loosely) recreational hockey group in town? A variety of Google searches leaves me without answers.

Better yet, how about a women’s group? Ely has a successful group, Chix with Stix, and I would love love love if we had something like this in town.

If the answer is no, then who’s in to get this going?


Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

There are rec hockey leagues, but your use of the word "group" leads me to believe that's not what you're looking for.

There are a lot of pick-up games in Duluth, but they mostly happen randomly and are usually dominated by boys.

I play a regular game Sunday mornings, 10 a.m., at Irving. The group there is mostly older men, with a few women and young guys mixed in. It's very friendly; you would be totally welcome. 

Since we're outdoors, the length of the season is defined by the weather. There's usually ice from about Christmas to Valentine's Day.


about 14 years ago

There IS a women adult league in town - it has a cute name, but I don't know it offhand. It might be associated with DAHA. Sorry!


about 14 years ago

Paul- I think I subconsciously strayed from the word "league" because I didn't want to get in over my head.  Not having grown up playing the sport, in other words-- Not having grown up in Northern MN/ WI, I'm a bit intimidated. 

I understand defense and offense and have played shinny here and there. I had to play soccer with the boys in high school since there was no girls' program.  

Once I got it down, I'd be a force to be reckoned with as I can be very competitive. Even for the boys.  That is, if that's what the team wanted.


about 14 years ago

Two Harbors has a couple women's teams, and there's a team in Superior -- I don't know about any women-only teams in Duluth.  If you're interested in driving up to Two Harbors once a week, let me know; I play on one of the teams.


about 14 years ago

i thought the heritage center had open hockey hours...it seems like i saw a flyer up around the umd campus about open co-ed hockey.  i just checked the website, though, and there's no mention of it.  might be worth a call.

i wish someone would come up with an adult beginners' hockey class.  now that would be cool.


about 14 years ago

I'd love that Jessica! I played ice hockey on an intramural team in college, we called ourselves the "Lame Ducks." I'd love a refresher course in ice hockey, and a very beginner-ish group to play with, as I can't remember much about the rules, if we even followed them in college.


about 14 years ago

There is a good group of folks who play pickup hockey on a regular basis. When I've played with them we didn't keep score and it was very informal but there were some decent players. Check it out: http://twinportshockey.net/


about 14 years ago

Yes, I'd need to be in the beginners realm. 

Okay- how do we get this going? There's got to be a group of us that are in the same boat. Anybody out there who has skills willing to help out some newbies?


about 14 years ago

OH-- and udarnik....definitely interested once I've been properly educated. How do people find out about the teams up in Two Harbors?


about 14 years ago

yikes.  i better get to open skate, if someone's going to start this up.  i don't know if i could even stand up anymore.

this reminds me of the dnt attic post about the broomball leagues, too.


about 14 years ago

mk, you can e-mail me: my screen name at hotmail.com.


about 14 years ago

I'd love to play informal hockey if I could just learn how to stop without intentionally running into things


about 14 years ago

The day I learned to hockey stop and put up a little shower of ice crystals, I wept.


about 14 years ago

In the summer we have a group that plays roller hockey at Lower Chester on Tuesday evenings and we are always looking to add fresh faces.  Our skill level is from total novices to ex high school players.  We do also play some pickup at area rinks but ice time is hard to come by because of youth hockey having priority.


about 14 years ago

Yea like Paul said there is no lack of pickup hockey games throughout the winter. Finding the right game for the correct skills would be the trick. 

I always liked the pond hockey pickup games in the bay or on the Lake after those first early freezes when the ice is just thick enough and freshly flooded by Mother Nature's Zamboni. (huh.. that sounds like a cool band name) Anyway when I randomly played in those pickups years ago they were many times co-ed games and ranged widely in skill levels. But always was more about having fun then anything else. Plus it is cool to be playing hockey where 5 months earlier you were swimming or paddling.

I'd be in for some pickup hockey or some pond hockey - keep this post updated on any tentative PDD hockey meetups...  

Paul I do need to get to the Irving game a couple times this winter when I am in town.. Just need to remember my skates..


about 14 years ago

Check out AHA hockey MN.  There are in the cities, and I think
already expanded into Duluth.  Well run.  Good parity.  If you
are too good you get moved up a level.  

We have 20 timed, 3 period games with refs a season, plus playoffs.  No check, but some incidental contact.
No Jackasses.  The league will kick you out if you accrue to many penalties.


about 14 years ago

I'd love to play women's or mixed league hockey in Duluth.  I'd be way too intimidated to walk into a pickup game!  I think the key here is organization.  While I've watched hockey my entire life and I'm pretty good on the skates, that's a far cry from actually attempting to play the game.  Coaching would be required.  Make that, coaching with patience and a positive attitude would be required.  And humor.

Shane Bauer

about 14 years ago

I play pretty regularly with the twinportshockey.net group at SAHA and it's very welcoming to everyone. Haven't seen too many girls showing up lately, but it's definitely not unusual and there have been nights we've had a few girls skating. Most players are intermediate, but there are some beginner types and experienced players too. Not only experienced in skills, but in shinny hockey as well, meaning they know when and how much to let up if there's a beginner making a play. The nice thing is you just play the nights you feel like playing and aren't committed to a certain schedule or pre-pay program.

Also, if you want to set up ice time at a different location or time, the site is a great tool capable of organizing the details for you and your group. It would sure be nice to see someone take advantage of it. It's all there - no sense in reinventing the Tuuk.

Robert Eckman runs most of the games and maintains the web site. #218.310.4742 I'm sure he'd be happy to give you more info.


about 12 years ago

Thanks Shane!

I am Robert who runs the Tuesday night drop-in games in Superior.  The play has evolved over the years, but I still think we're one of the best groups you can join if you're looking to play some hockey regardless if you're new or a living legend.  I think the thing that sets us apart is that we play the game with respect to each other and we're pretty social afterwards.  

However, if you're looking to find more hockey groups, you can visit my Twin Ports Hockey facebook page at TwinPortsHockey.com.  From there, you can read or post about game times and statuses thru facebook.  Alternatively, you can check out the HockeyFinder.com online tool which is something I use to keep track of goalies for my games.



about 10 years ago

Following up on this ... there is an adult recreation Duluth hockey league now in operation. We have four seasons a year (fall, winter, spring and summer) and the summer session will begin July 10. Games will be played on Thursday night, with start times of 8:30 to 9:45 p.m. There are four teams in the league, and it's co-ed.  

For more information visit hockeyfinder.com/duluthhockeyleague or facebook.com/hockeyfinderduluthleague

It's a lot of fun, and perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced players looking for fun.

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