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I was reminiscing of the olden days of Duluth, way back in 2001, where on First Street you could get a roast beef sandwich on a European Bakery roll for a dollar at Fichtner’s butcher shop.

I feel certain that the recipe for that roast beef a) is simpler than I expect and b) won’t translate to the home oven — that the secret was a 30-pound chunk of beef, sliced, sitting in hotel pan in the window for hours.

Anyway, if anyone has the recipe, please share.


David Beard

about 4 years ago

I miss the European bakery a great deal.

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

I ate that $1 sandwich exactly one time. It was pretty good, and an incredible value, but I decided immediately that in the future it would be in my better interest to pay four or fives times as much  for a sandwich with lettuce, tomato or anything at all beyond the two ingredients of the Fichtner's sandwich -- meat and bread. (OK, there might have been a thin slice of yellow pepper on it or something, but it was basically a giant wad of roast beef.)


about 4 years ago

OK, Paul "Mr. Fancy Sandwich" Lundgren. 

I will admit it was pretty basic, and adding a packet of mustard did improve the sandwich quite a bit.

Tony D.

about 4 years ago

Cork, you missed out: Fichtner's roast beef was pretty good, but their porketta was fantastic!

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