Postcards from New Yorker Patio Restaurant in Duluth

New Yorker Patio Restaurant was known as the “home of Duluth’s original hickory charcoal broiler.” Located in the Fifth Avenue Hotel at 9 S. Fifth Ave. W., the restaurant offered fine food and cocktails, “expertly prepared and served in a unique atmosphere of comfort rarely found anywhere.” The proprietors were Fred and Loretta McAllister.

Today the Duluth Public Library stands where the hotel and restaurant were located.



about 7 years ago

Is that this stylish hotel at 2:24? Can anyone tell me what became of the hotel and more importantly, Mr. Kytö, its proprietor?

Tony D.

about 7 years ago

The Fifth Avenue Hotel was torn down with the rest of Duluth's "Bowery" in the 1960s as part of the Gateway Urban Renewal Project.

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