Postcards from New Yorker Patio Restaurant in Duluth

New Yorker Patio Restaurant was known as the “home of Duluth’s original hickory charcoal broiler.” Located in the Fifth Avenue Hotel at 9 S. Fifth Ave. W., the restaurant offered fine food and cocktails, “expertly prepared and served in a unique atmosphere of comfort rarely found anywhere.” The proprietors were Fred and Loretta McAllister.

Today the Duluth Public Library stands where the hotel and restaurant were located.



about 11 months ago

Is that this stylish hotel at 2:24? Can anyone tell me what became of the hotel and more importantly, Mr. Kytö, its proprietor?

Tony D.

about 11 months ago

The Fifth Avenue Hotel was torn down with the rest of Duluth's "Bowery" in the 1960s as part of the Gateway Urban Renewal Project.

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