Do you know? Facts about Duluth from 1920

From Feb. 23 to March 25 of 1920 the Duluth Herald newspaper published a daily fact about Duluth on its front page. Some are pretty interesting, some are kind of silly. All in all, it’s a fun snapshot of what Duluth was bragging about a century ago.

Not all of the facts here are facts, of course. There’s some opinion sprinkled in and maybe some exaggeration. A few items are missing from this collection because not all issues of the paper are available. Also, #31 was misnumbered as a second #30.



about 4 years ago

Ha! You saved the best for last, huh? That's definitely not the case any longer...


about 4 years ago

They really need some consistency with their millions. They start off by referring to "$9,000,000.00" (zero cents?), but then refer to "25 million," "358 million," "50 million," and "900 million." They dip back to "$11,000,000.00" for one sentence, then wrap up with "43 million." Who's the editor around here?

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

Ramos, I know you weren't really asking, but I did look at the masthead of one of the papers and they didn't list the names of editors or anyone else back then, unless it's buried somewhere else in the paper.

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

Update: It seems the Herald later dropped the numbering scheme and turned the whole idea into an advertising gimmick.

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