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PDD Quiz: Christmas 1921

This edition of Perfect Duluth Day’s quiz looks back at holiday headlines from 1921. All articles were published in the Duluth News Tribune (images – -which may or may not be helpful with guessing — appeared in the paper between 1885 and 1922).

The next PDD quiz will look back at local newsworthy events from 2021; it will be published on Dec. 26. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Dec. 22.

#1 An ad for Freimuth’s Department Store touts it as “Christmas Headquarters.” Where was Freimuth’s located?

The Duluth News Tribune has more on the department store here.

#2 Children in need sent letters to Santa Claus courtesy of this Duluth mayor, who helped coordinate gift deliveries to over 50 children.

According to a Duluth News Tribune article dated Dec. 26, 1921, “Santa Snively, through his aides, found some of the homes in acute want. In one home, the children were found stockingless and hungry in a cold, bare kitchen of a house on West Superior Street.”

#3 In national news, President Harding commuted the sentence of this socialist activist, who was released on Christmas Day.

Debs was imprisoned for sedition in 1919.

#4 The Superior post office used this novel means of delivering Christmas packages when mail trucks were overwhelmed.

The dogsled service was started in 1920; unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep up with demand in 1921.

#5 John G. Ross plead with readers to remember whom during the Christmas season?

Ross, the county humane agent, advised readers to take pets in from the cold and to leave out food for birds.

#6 “Stane heavers” were set to compete in which sport on Dec. 26?

The Duluth Curling Club was set to host a bonspiel.

#7 According to Duluth merchants, what were the top toys of 1921?

Duluth News Tribune article dated Dec. 18, 1921 claims that “dads become boys at gift counters.”

#8 Judge LaFayette Bliss of Virginia “played the role of Santa Claus in police court” and released folks arrested for this crime.

Ten people were released and ordered to return to court after Christmas; nine of them did so.

#9 Three hundred boys at the West Duluth YMCA would compete for this prize in 1922.

The boys competed in the areas of “reverence, manliness, perseverance, participation in ‘Y’ activities, scholarship in school, and ability as boosters of the ‘Y’.” The gold medal would be awarded on Christmas Day, 1922.

#10 The Lyceum Café’s Christmas menu boasted this seasonal dish.

Other main courses included bear steak, lobster, and roast young turkey.


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