PDD Quiz: Holiday Traditions

It’s that time of year again: the lights are twinkling, the tourists are flocking, and “Christmas City” plays on a seemingly endless loop. How well do you know your Twin Ports holiday traditions? Whip yourself up a Tom & Jerry and settle in for the quiz!

The next PDD Quiz, reviewing the events of 2017, will be published on Dec. 31. Please send question ideas to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Dec. 28.

#1 Marcia Hales’s Holiday Spirit in the Lights is located in which Duluth neighborhood?

Hales’ walk-through display will open to the public on Dec. 8.

#2 Where in Duluth can you tune in to 99.9 FM for a soundtrack to accompany Ryan Kern’s light display?

#3 In which year was Marcia Hales’ light display featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight?

The Great Christmas Light Fight airs on ABC.

#4 What was the first year of the Christmas City of the North Parade?

In 1963, the parade was cancelled due to the assassination of President Kennedy.

#5 Which artist recorded the song “Christmas City” in 1962?

The B-side of the “Christmas City” 45 RPM features a song titled “The Song of the Christmas City.”

#6 The first municipal Christmas trees went up in Duluth and Superior in which year?

The Duluth Christmas tree, located in front of the St. Louis County Courthouse, featured 3,500 light bulbs.

#7 The First Lutheran Church lutefisk dinner has been a Duluth tradition for how many years?

Salmon and meatballs are available for the faint of heart.

#8 In what year did Jack Connolly begin making the iconic Connolly’s Tom & Jerry batter?

To the delight of PDD readers, Connolly’s Tom & Jerry batter has been more widely available since 2012, when local entrepreneurs bought the recipe from Upper Lakes foods.

#9 In what year did Nathan Bentley christen his light display “Bentleyville”?

Bentley first put up lights in 2001, and named the display Bentleyville (after Dr. Seuss’s Whoville) in 2003.

#10 A Twin Cities holiday tradition moved north this year when decorations from which department store were donated to Bentleyville?

Macy’s 8th floor holiday display, a tradition since 1963, closed in 2016.


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