Poll: What Duluth-area restaurant has the best fish fry?

Who is serving up the Perfect Duluth-area fish fry? In our latest poll, we’re counting on our readers to help suss out the answer to this important question.

The Midwestern fish fry is a glorious tradition that originated from the Catholic practice of meatless Fridays during the Lenten season but has evolved into a classic custom now enjoyed by the pious as well as the pagans.

Fish fries are often an all-you-can-eat affair. The type of fish varies. It might be cod, perch, smelt — or walleye if you’re lucky. The deep-fried main course is typically served up in a basket with a lemon wedge, tartar sauce, cole slaw and a side of French fries.

Every restaurant, tavern and supper club puts its own spin on the fish fry. But who’s serving up the the best fish fry in the Twin Ports? We compiled a list of nominees (with help from our readers). Now it’s time to vote.

Select your favorite fish fry from the nominees below. We’ll whittle down the list with runoff-style voting. If your original choice is knocked out of the running, you’ll be able to vote again from the remaining contenders.

We started with 24 nominees; the list is now down to the top three: Billy’s, Breeze Inn and Wabegon.

This poll is now closed. The results will be posted soon.

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