Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #7

More from the deck found at Savers …

1. In what year did the U.S. Commerce Dept, designate the Port of Duluth a Foreign Trade Zone?
2. In what year was the $8.5 million Duluth International Airport passenger terminal and industrial park complex completed?
3. In what year was Northland Country Club built?
4. In what year was Wade Stadium dedicated?
5. Who was Sid Peterson?
6. Who were the 1961 Minnesota State High School basketball champions?
7. Who was Bruce Bennett?
8. Who was “Heat Wave” Richard Berler?
9. What was the White City on Park Point?

1. 1979
2. 1974
3. 1904
4. 1940
5. A sports journalist for the Duluth News Tribune
6. Central High School
7. Another sports editor for the DNT.
8. A KDAL TV personality.
9. An amusement park.

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Jacob Jacobson

about 5 years ago

I was seated next to Earl Henton, KDAL-TV’s news director at the time, when Heatwave came into the studio for his “audition.” Berler was nervous as a cat, never having been in front of a camera before that day. The “Heater” as he would later be called, stumbled through his 5-minute audition. Henton, sitting in the director’s booth, turned to me and said, “There’s our next weather man.” Weather women would not arrive for another year or so. Berler went on to be the butt of many jokes from the likes of Duke Skorich, Bill Cortez and others, but the audience took to Berler and the rest is broadcast history.

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