Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #6

More from the Duluth Trivia Deck found at Savers.

1. What famed product was sold by Duluth Tent and Awning?

2. What does a McGiffert loader [on view in the railway museum] load?

3. Who held the first motorized dairy operation in Duluth/the region?

4. Where is Mission Creek located?

5. True or false? A quarry near Mission Creek yielded much of the brownstone used in Duluth buildings.

6. True or false? The first brick structure in Duluth is still standing at E. Superior Street.

7. Where is Munger Terrace?

8. T/F: When the Torrey building was constructed, it was fireproofed by covering its iron and wooden beams with terra cotta or baked clay.

Answers below, with a few questions…

1. Duluth Pack

2. Logs

3. Henry Bridgeman and N. F. Russell, although this feels like it might be corporate puff?

4. Fond du Lac area.

5. True

6. True, but these cards are old. Was this really the first brick structure? Is it still standing?

7. Mesabi Avenue

8. True

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