Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #10

Below are more items from an old trivia deck I bought at Savers. Some of the questions can be misleading and the answers wrong, but such is the way with history.

1. Name the master stone sculptor who carved the stone ornaments on so many Duluth homes and buildings.
2. What was the College of St. Scholastica’s earlier name?
3. Who were Bob Junkert and Don Rose?
4. In what year did the new Central High School open?
5. Where was the first junior college located in Duluth?
6. Which architect designed Endion School and the old Duluth Public Library?
7. What was the first building erected on the present site of the UMD campus?
8. What religious organization established St. Luke’s Hospital?
9. What was “Jeno’s Erector Set”?
10. A restaurant on Superior Street called Paddy Dorna’s was operated by Paddy. In what other career was Paddy locally famous?
11. Duluth’s first wedding, between Hester Crooks and William Boutwell, took place in what area of Duluth?

1. George Throne — Google doesn’t help here at all.
2. Villa Sancta Scholastica
3. Announcers on WEBC. Is this that WEBC? What did it become?
4. 1971
5. Inside Denfeld High School, in 1927
6. Adolph Rudolph
7. The Science Building [does that still exist and has been renamed, or has it been leveled in the decades since?]
8. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
9. A nine-level storage building from Pennsylvania, dismantled and reassembled in Duluth as a warehouse for Jeno’s Inc. Can anyone help with more info? Anyone work on it?
10. A singer. I really want more on this, help.
11. Fond du Lac


Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

Google would have helped with finding info on the master stone carver, but the name is wrong. It isn't George Thorne, it's George Thrana, or Ole Georgurius Thrana.

Thrana came from Norway in 1889. He carved in sandstone, granite, marble and limestone. Buildings he did carving for include the Lyceum Theatre, Central High School, Glensheen Mansion, the Board of Trade Building, the County Jail and Denfeld High School. Follow the link above for plenty of info and a more thorough list of his work.

The Jackal

about 5 years ago

What was the first building erected on the present site of the UMD campus?

Yes, the Science Building (currently the Chemistry Building) still stands. It's being replaced with the new Heikkila Chemistry & Advanced Materials Science Building. The old building will be repurposed.

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 5 years ago

Because I am a library nerd, I checked the Polk City Directories for Paddy Dorna's or anything related in Restaurants or even Dorna family. Nothing in '56, 50, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 or even '91. Given the spelling errors in some of the other questions, I wonder. Seems a dead end for now?

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