Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #9

Below are more questions from a Duluth Trivia Deck I found at Savers.

1. True or false? The fires of 1918 destroyed the Northland Country Club, the Homecroft and Cobb Schools, the Alger-Smith Lumber Yards and approaches to the Interstate Bridge.
2. In what sport did Walter Hoover excel?
3. True of false? The Viking Explorer, the replica of the ship sailed by Leif Erickson, has never sailed.
4. Who planned the Duluth Civic Center?
5. Who dedicated Enger Tower?
6. For how many years was Samuel Frisbee Snively mayor of Duluth?
7. Why was the Hotel Duluth’s Black Bear Lounge so named?

8. What recent year will be the year remembered at the year bears invaded Duluth?
9. What leading proponent of prohibition lectured in Duluth in 1910?
10. What suffragette spoke in Duluth in 1889?
11. What was the title of Nixon’s address in Duluth?

1. This is true. Of all of these things, the only thing I can visualize is the Country Club. Were the others rebuilt? Do they exist today?
2. Sculling with the Duluth Boat Club.
3. This is false. It sailed the route Leif Erickson used, in 1926.
4. D. H. Burnham. Is this the Burnham of Burnham and Root, about whom I learned in my architectural history class?
5. Crown Prince Olav of Norway.
6. Sixteen. So that’s where that street name comes from, I guess?
7. A black bear crashed into the place.
8. 1985. Anyone remember what this is referring to?
9. Carrie Nation.
10. Susan B. Anthony
11. “Against Socialism, For Capitalism: The Seriousness of the Communist Threat”


Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

A friend tells me via text that the bear invasion of 1985 was due to the closing of a dump, which removed a food source and sent the bears scavenging into town.


about 5 years ago

Cobb school is still in existence. I went there grades 3-6...it is no longer a school.

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