Answer eleven questions, potentially win $100

PDDMarketingWeaselEvery two years or so, the Perfect Duluth Day Marketing Weasel crawls out from behind his desk and demands a survey be conducted. The purpose is to gather information to aid in the selling of little square advertisements to fund the operation of this website. In order to make this infiltration of PDD’s blog content space seem tolerable, the survey is kept to a simple one-page, eleven-question, completely optional task with a $100 prize drawing when the survey period ends.

The survey is now complete; thanks to those who participated.

If you are offended about even being asked, we understand. All we can do is meekly apologize and point out PDD’s content is always offered completely free to readers. We don’t run pop-up ads, we don’t scramble our pages like ugly jigsaw puzzles with cheesy animations and auto-playing videos. We just run a few modest little promotional squares for businesses that are almost entirely local and reputable. (There is one ad dished out by Google Adsense that we roll our eyes at from time to time, but that’s as bad as it gets.)

PDD is not a nonprofit and not affiliated with any entity that feeds it grant money or anything like that, in case you didn’t know. A part-time staff of a dozen souls manage to receive meager paychecks from revenue attained entirely through advertising — the necessary evil behind pretty much any media entity. Facts of life, yo.

Maybe that knowledge will guilt you into coughing up your zip code, relationship status, et. al. … but if not, no feelings will be hurt. Life will go on without you winning a hundred big ones.

Additional info:

You do not need to be logged in or have an account with PDD to take the survey; you just have to be a human being with the ability to click things on the internet and the willingness to disclose your age, gender, etc.

If you are nervous about what kind of questions are on the survey, you can always click the link, read them, and back out at any moment. You haven’t crossed any point of no return until you click “submit.” You can also view the results of PDD’s 2015 survey to get a sense of exactly the type of propaganda that results from participating in this process.

Your specific info won’t be shared with anyone; we’re just looking to draw mass generic conclusions about the demographics of PDD readers. You won’t be put on any spam list or further bothered in any way. Again, we can’t express how gross we feel about encroaching on your usual enjoyment of PDD in even this very minor way every two years.



about 7 years ago

I get an error when trying to submit my answers. It's possible I hit the "show me the money" button too eagerly.


about 7 years ago

I'm getting an error message when attempting to submit the survey:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Executing Database Query.

Data truncation: Data too long for column 'submit' at row 1

Cory Fechner

about 7 years ago

Hit refresh and try again.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

We think we've corrected the issue. Let us know if you have problems trying it now.


about 7 years ago

Success! Also please don't ever stop using that little sales/marketing clip art guy.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in the drawing for the $100 prize. Drinks are on Steve Wick of Duluth  the next time you see him.

The PDD Marketing Weasel thanks Steve and everyone who participated, and promises to crawl back into his cubicle and not come out for two years.

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