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Share a joke for a chance to win Duluth Comedy Fest tickets

Duluth’s biggest weekend of comedy since the freighter Socrates ran aground at Park Point is coming up Feb. 15 and 16. Tig Notaro, Brian Posehn, Gary Gulman and Alex Edelman are all performing at the NorShor Theatre as part of Duluth Comedy Fest.

Perfect Duluth Day is giving away a pair of two-day passes — $158 value — to a randomly selected person who comments on this post. Make it interesting and share a joke.

Answer eleven questions, potentially win $100

PDDMarketingWeaselEvery two years or so, the Perfect Duluth Day Marketing Weasel crawls out from behind his desk and demands a survey be conducted. The purpose is to gather information to aid in the selling of little square advertisements to fund the operation of this website. In order to make this infiltration of PDD’s blog content space seem tolerable, the survey is kept to a simple one-page, eleven-question, completely optional task with a $100 prize drawing when the survey period ends.

The survey is now complete; thanks to those who participated.

If you are offended about even being asked, we understand. All we can do is meekly apologize and point out PDD’s content is always offered completely free to readers. We don’t run pop-up ads, we don’t scramble our pages like ugly jigsaw puzzles with cheesy animations and auto-playing videos. We just run a few modest little promotional squares for businesses that are almost entirely local and reputable. (There is one ad dished out by Google Adsense that we roll our eyes at from time to time, but that’s as bad as it gets.)

You are not a robot

pdd-recaptchaPerfect Duluth Day blog administrators have noticed an increase recently in the number of users changing their passwords, and we’ve also had a few people write to us indicating their login process is being thwarted with the phrase: “Error: You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value.”

So heads up if you are having trouble logging in: As annoying as it is, you have to remember to check the box that reads “I am not a robot.”

This extra step was implemented a month or so ago to keep out the robots that create accounts on PDD, log in, and attempt to post spam. Until we create good robots to kill the evil robots, the reCAPTCHA box will be necessary. You don’t have to enter any words or pass any picture box test in most cases, unless maybe you log in from a place you don’t usually log in. But you must check the box.

Help Topic: Adding an image to a post

By far the number one thing people contact the PDD Help Dept. about is uploading an image to a post. It’s actually a pretty simple thing, but there are just enough tricks to screw up a newbie. Since it’s much easier to learn with a visual aid, PDD Intern Kelsey Marier put together this video.

Opportunity to win $100 by hardly selling your soul at all

PDDMarketingWeaselIn general we do our best at Perfect Duluth Day to avoid getting all up in your face with advertising-related gimmicks. Every two years or so, however, the PDD Marketing Weasel comes waltzing out with his devilish wink and snappy blue tie and demands we conduct a survey to help him sell the modest square boxes that appear on the right column of this website and supply the vast fortune that keeps our media empire thriving.

For the sake of our collective shame, we offer survey participants an entry into a $100-prize drawing. Who wouldn’t concede to a minor privacy invasion for the chance to win a fat C-note? It’s a pretty simple survey, after all.

This survey has concluded. Thanks for participating.

Outdoor fitness groups in Duluth

A question from PDD’s e-mail inbox:

I just moved here from Southern California. Do we have non-motorized events in Duluth? I mean joggers, walkers, bikers, skaters will gather and ride together. Example is CicLAvia in Los Angeles, where they closed downtown the city for motor vehicles.

Duluth Sunrise Silhouette

Duluth Sunrise Silhouette

Photo by Manny Villanueva, shot this morning.

Seeking advice on relocating deer

Item from the PDD Inbox:

I live on Brainerd Avenue, behind UMD. The large lot behind my house and extending to Mississippi Avenue has now been bought by developers who plan to put townhouses and parking there. The lot seems to be home base to several deer, however, who roam the neighborhood from that lot, reproduce like crazy and appear to be quite content there.

There is a City Counsel meeting next Tuesday regarding zoning issues to be addressed before the builders get the go-ahead to start construction. Is there some humane way to relocate the deer who live there? Perhaps they can find Chester Bowl or the Bagley Nature Preserve on their own, but if there is some suggestion we can make at the City Counsel meeting, that would be great.

Thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.

Log in to PDD via Facebook

If you’ve wanted to create a post, add a comment or participate in a poll on PDD, but felt that creating an account would be a nuisance, well, now you can log in through your Facebook account with a simple click.

Video Auto Play

Apparently, because of some changes at YouTube, some videos on PDD have been autoplaying under some circumstances, in some browsers. That should never happen, and we apologize profusely if it has happened to you.

Please, if you ever open a page on PDD and a video starts playing without you asking it to, e-mail help @ perfectduluthday.com with a note about what video it is and what browser you are using and we’ll either fix it or take the post down.

That’s our PDD no-auto-play guarantee, for what it’s worth.

The ongoing recent comments issue

For about two months PDD has been having problems with its “Recent Comments” feature — the menu item that highlights which posts have new comments you might not have read.

This week we installed a new plugin for Recent Comments that we hoped would be better, but unfortunately it isn’t.

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