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pdd-recaptchaPerfect Duluth Day blog administrators have noticed an increase recently in the number of users changing their passwords, and we’ve also had a few people write to us indicating their login process is being thwarted with the phrase: “Error: You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value.”

So heads up if you are having trouble logging in: As annoying as it is, you have to remember to check the box that reads “I am not a robot.”

This extra step was implemented a month or so ago to keep out the robots that create accounts on PDD, log in, and attempt to post spam. Until we create good robots to kill the evil robots, the reCAPTCHA box will be necessary. You don’t have to enter any words or pass any picture box test in most cases, unless maybe you log in from a place you don’t usually log in. But you must check the box.


Cory Fechner

about 7 years ago

Another reason using a captcha tool is a best practice is because many bots and brute force hacking crawlers seek out websites without captcha verification to attack. That increases the chance of being hacked as well as increases server bandwidth usage, costing us more money in monthly service fees.

K. Praslowicz

about 7 years ago

You are not a robot

Don't tell me how to live my life.

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