Log in to PDD via Facebook

If you’ve wanted to create a post, add a comment or participate in a poll on PDD, but felt that creating an account would be a nuisance, well, now you can log in through your Facebook account with a simple click.

What this means:

    • If you hate Facebook, this doesn’t affect you at all.


    • If you have a Facebook account and want to log in to PDD through it, whether you already have a PDD account or not, just click the button above and accept the terms.


  • If you already have a PDD account, be aware that logging in with Facebook will create a separate account if the e-mail address attached to your Facebook account is different than the e-mail address you used to create your original PDD account. Also be aware that if your e-mail address is the same on both accounts, they will synch together into one account, and your Facebook profile photo will become your PDD avatar.
  • If you have different e-mail addresses and will be sustaining two accounts, that’s fine, but keep in mind it will have two minor implications:1) Your Facebook name and profile picture will be your identity and avatar on PDD when you are logged in through Facebook, so if you have a PDD account with a screen name like “John the Blogger,” but your Facebook name is “John Doe,” you might confuse the world or yourself with your double identity.

    2) Every PDD user has an archive of past posts they have authored, which is accessible by clicking on the user name on the byline of any post. If you like having all your posts in one neat place like that, you might not want to log in with Facebook and split your stuff into two places.

    But those are minor things. The best practice would be to decide whether you would prefer sticking with the old PDD account or switching to logging in with Facebook, then be consistent with that.

    Also, do not use your double identity to attempt to vote twice on a poll. We will see what you have done, we will disallow both votes, and we will silently dislike you, which will hurt your feelings more than you might realize.



about 9 years ago

How do you log out with Facebook?  I logged in accidentally and would rather use my standard PDD account.  I tried logging in via Wordpress with my PDD user name, but when I commented in another thread I saw my Facebook icon instead of the Gravatar I usually have here.

Barrett Chase

about 9 years ago

Sonya: The Facebook login account works the same as the standard account. Right above the comment box, it says, "You are logged in as ______. To logout, Click Here."

Just click there to logout, then login again using your standard credentials.

Alternatively, click "Log In & Post" beneath the banner, logout on the upper right hand corner of the screen, then log back in with the account you'd like to use.


about 9 years ago

I'm still seeing my Facebook user pic and not my Gravatar. I suppose it is not really the end of the world. I'll keep fiddling around and see what I can do. 

Cory Fechner

about 9 years ago

If your e-mail address on Facebook is public, and it is the same e-mail as your PDD account, it will merge the account and default to your Facebook profile image as your avatar if you use the Facebook login feature. Hope that helps. We have edited the original post to include this information.


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