Seeking advice on relocating deer

Item from the PDD Inbox:

I live on Brainerd Avenue, behind UMD. The large lot behind my house and extending to Mississippi Avenue has now been bought by developers who plan to put townhouses and parking there. The lot seems to be home base to several deer, however, who roam the neighborhood from that lot, reproduce like crazy and appear to be quite content there.

There is a City Counsel meeting next Tuesday regarding zoning issues to be addressed before the builders get the go-ahead to start construction. Is there some humane way to relocate the deer who live there? Perhaps they can find Chester Bowl or the Bagley Nature Preserve on their own, but if there is some suggestion we can make at the City Counsel meeting, that would be great.

Thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.


Tony Rogers

about 8 years ago

The deer will find a new place to hang out, don't worry.

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