Mystery Photo #48: Superior Street and Lake Avenue circa 1998


Where are you now, Danny Tanner?

This image is from a postcard printed by the College of St. Scholastica featuring photography by student Danny Tanner. Searching the internet to determine if Danny Tanner is still involved in photography is a bit complex; it turns out Danny Tanner is the name of a character on the television sitcom Full House, which had recently wrapped up its eight-season run around the same time the real Danny Tanner was doing his thing on Superior Street.

Although the date the photo was shot and date the postcards were printed are unknown, this one is postmarked Nov. 2, 1998. In the background are the Electric Fetus store, Strand Theater and a Duluth Transit Authority bus headed to New Duluth.



about 7 years ago

This might be obvious and you might have already contacted them -- but does the alumni office at CSS know anything? Small colleges are pretty good at keeping in contact with their alums.


about 7 years ago

Danny Tanner worked at the EPA lab in Duluth, lives here..don't know if he still does photography.


about 7 years ago

Danny Tanner the (retired) EPA scientist didn't take this picture, but his son (also named Danny Tanner) was a CSS student in the mid-1990s and is a very good amateur photographer. I have emailed him the link to this page so he can see if he remembers taking it.


about 7 years ago

Hey - one of the real Dan Tanners here; I took that photo a looong time ago.  I should still have it in digital format in anyone's interested.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Dan, would you say the photo was shot in 1997? '96?

If you have the raw photo or other cool stuff, do share! Thanks for the response.

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