Mystery Photo #40: New Duluth Bus and Drivers

DTA Bus 1962 New Duluth

This photo popped up on Pinterest a while back. It’s dated 1962. Photographer unknown.

Duluth’s first diesel buses began operating in 1957 under the auspices of the Duluth-Superior Transit Company. The Duluth Transit Authority was created in 1969, so one could say the bus in the photo above is a DTA before there was a DTA.

Can anyone name any of the drivers?



about 8 years ago

That could be the old bus, (previously streetcar), barn out by the Fire Station 2 on west Superior street.

Pat Burns

about 4 years ago

Hey! These bus garages at 27th Avenue West were known as “The Car Barns.” There was also a little restaurant mainly for drivers in the place... I think it was downstairs through a door on the east side (?) of the building. My dad worked for Oliver Iron Mining in the 1950s at 54th & Grand and he used to eat lunch at the car barns regularly. It was kind of a blue collar lunch diner.

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