History of Itasca: Part 1

itascaLilah Crowe, executive director at Itasca County Historical Society, talks about the rich native history of Itasca County in the first of a four-part presentation.

This short-form documentary was produced by A Plus B Productions as part of the Itasca Conversations series.

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about 5 years ago

Thank you very much for posting this. I've never seen American Indian culture captured by motion pictures. When was this filmed? Is this documentary footage or was it enacted in such a way as to capture the flavour of Indian life for the filmmaker? In other words, are the people featured here authentically undertaking real activities? ... Ms. Crowe very deftly describes, interprets and educates us in terms that are comprehensible from the European/Western perspective and culturally sensitive and respectful to the Native American. I hope PDD will post the next installment.

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