Tenancy Questions: Pets, etc.

A friend of mine is in a state of post-graduation flux. He’s been asked to renew his lease. He has days to decide. He might be relocating, so renewing is committing before he knows what his job prospects are.

1. He may know within a few weeks. How does one sweet-talk a landlord into extending a lease for a few months?

2. If that sweet-talking fails, and he remains in Duluth, are there suggestions of pet-friendly landlords? (Pet friendly means “more than one species in the home, some with fur, one of whom is furless and lives in a glass tank.”)

3. And, if such is not available, what kind of short-term solutions are available? If you need to couch-surf, what kinds of short-term care is available for pets with four legs of various lengths and amounts of hair?

What would you do, in this situation? As an academic, I always had a whole summer to move. He has weeks. I have no idea how to advise.



about 9 years ago

Have the friend review the lease. Sometimes they have a provision that addresses if you stay (it may convert to a month-to-month with a bump in rent or something). If not, fresh baked goods and a smile is always persuasive. If friend has been a good tenant (which it sounds like is the case, or the landlord wouldn't be offering a chance to renew) landlord is likely to be willing to work something out. Good tenants are better than bad ones and nice to have around.

The friend might consider asking the landlord for an extension of a month or three if it includes a small additional premium amount (10 percent, $50, etc.) added to rent. Keeping in mind that the landlord ultimately wants another year+ lease to be signed and doesn't want that year term to start at a "strange" time (usually involves the school year up there in UMD land).


about 9 years ago

Simply ask if they can go month-to-month. I was on a one-year lease and then proceeded on month-to-month for the next eight years. My landlord was awesome, never raised my rent, and never asked me to sign another lease. Essentially, he was happy because I was one of his only tenants who paid on time every month. I told him I didn't know it was an option not to pay.

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