What happened to that poster from R.T. Quinlan’s men’s room?

Having spent several hours at R.T. Quinlan’s Saloon on Sunday, I was reminded of the framed poster that used to hang outside the toilet stall in the men’s room, next to the urinal. I thought there was a good chance an image of it might be available on the Internet somewhere, but my searches for “classic bathtubs, breasts” yielded only distractions.

I did find one pertinent item, however. The archive of Slim Goodbuzz includes this concluding paragraph to the June 2001 article about his evening at Quinlan’s:

In the men’s room, I admire the poster of antique baths. I have memorized the names of them all over the years. There’s the American Hip Bath, Italian Chair Bath, French Copper Tub, French “Boot” Tub, English Traveling Tub, Teutonic Barrel-Stove Tub and the English Chair-Back Shower Tub. Who says you can’t learn things at a bar? Of course, I remember the names of these bathtubs because washing in each of them are luscious nude models whose breasts are the size of pork roasts.

I have no idea how long that poster hung there, but it disappeared at some point around 2003 and was rumored to have been stolen. Are there any leads yet on catching this criminal mastermind who is obviously the worst person in the world and also kind of awesome? Can we pinpoint the date of disappearance with photos and anecdotal evidence like the case of the collapsing mausoleum column?

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Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

The prevailing theories on Facebook are that it was removed by the owner either due to chronic vandalism or after the place was scrubbed down when the smoking ban started. 

So theft is just one of three theories at this point.

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