Perfect Day Duluth

Is it just me or do you notice that a lot of people refer to this blog as “Perfect Day Duluth?”

1) What’s up with that? Why do people make that mistake?

2) When they do, do you correct them? How do you correct them without sounding like a pretentious know-it-all? I am a pretentious know-it-all, so that’s why I ask.


Lawrence Lee

about 10 years ago

3) Where did the "Bitching" and "Overheard in Duluth" categories go to?


about 10 years ago

People refer to Perfect Duluth Day?

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

We killed the Overheard in Duluth category last August when we noticed that it was rarely used and often misused.

Then in September we needed to reduce the number of categories due to the reformatting of the site. But at the same time we added tags, so all the items that were categorized as Bitching are now tagged as Bitching. The same is true for Advice, Help Wanted, Lost and Found, Media and Where in Duluth?

It's all part of making your perfect day a little more Duluth.


about 10 years ago

I have no clue, but it is pretty common. If you asked me in  2003-5, I would have sworn up and down that it was "Perfect Day Duluth," despite being a regular reader and sporadic commenter. At some point, I figured it out, though sometimes I still want to call it that. I've been wondering why I called it that for a long time. 

My only theory is that the cadence (?) of 2-1-2 flows better  than 2-2-1.


about 10 years ago

Register, forward url to, problem solved.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

We have no idea if people are trying to visit; we think it's just a conversational thing. Anyone trying to visit the wrong URL would figure it out pretty quick anyway.

People say "Perfect Day Duluth" to me all the time. My correction policy in general is if I don't think we are going to continue talking about it I don't bother with any correction. If the conversation bounces back to me and the subject is still PDD I use the correct term and figure they will catch on.

Dawn Marie

about 10 years ago

I'm guilty of Perfect DAY Duluth myself.  Not sure why, it just seems to roll out of my scattered mess of a brain that way.  I gave up trying to correct myself, most of the time when I refer to this place people don't even know what I'm talking about because they either A. don't scour the interwebs for blogs and stuff to read like I do (I'm a reading freak, seriously, I'm obsessed), or B. don't live in Duluth and aren't into possessing inside knowledge of the best hidden gems to hike, eat at, drink at, etc.  (I don't live in Duluth either, I temporarily reside there half of every week when I stay with my other half, but my official mailing/drivers license address is not Duluth.)

Daniel Golden

about 10 years ago

My friend and often-maligned PDD regular Craig always calls it Perfect Day Duluth.  I asked him why once thinking maybe he's a little dyslexic.  He told me it did it because he didn't want people here calling him out (or even suing him) for saying anything bad about the blog.

He's pretty funny sometimes.

Barrett Chase

about 10 years ago

People also refer to it as PPD. If it's in writing, I assume it's a typo, but I've also heard people say it out loud. I have no idea what they think it stands for.


about 10 years ago

I've had a problem with incorrectly saying the name for many years. I now say PDD. A quick Google search bring up the correct site for both ways.

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