“Duluth” is a Small Drill-Hole on Mars?

Over the past few years Duluth has occasionally had colder temps than the temp measured on Mars on the same day. I have gleefully pointed this out to friends in the warm south when it happens.

But, if PDD covered this last year, I missed it — how a small test drill hole on Mars made by the Curiosity Rover get named “Duluth”? I took the screen shot while looking at a series of last year’s space photos featured on the Washington Post’s web site, but the blog interface tells me I am not allowed to upload photos.

Maybe this was a hoax?

Does anyone know the story behind the name?

Here’s NASA’s news release on the momentous event of poking in the Martian dirt and naming it for our city: “Curiosity Successfully Drills ‘Duluth’



about 3 years ago

"Duluth" is the rock that was drilled. Duluth's very own AstroBob explains more about the rock and why it was named Duluth on his blog.

David Syring

about 3 years ago

Thanks Jesusita (and Astrobob), and Michael! I knew someone who reads PDD would be able to unlock the mystery here!

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