“Duluth” is a Small Drill-Hole on Mars?

Over the past few years Duluth has occasionally had colder temps than the temp measured on Mars on the same day. I have gleefully pointed this out to friends in the warm south when it happens.

But, if PDD covered this last year, I missed it — how a small test drill hole on Mars made by the Curiosity Rover get named “Duluth”? I took the screen shot while looking at a series of last year’s space photos featured on the Washington Post’s web site, but the blog interface tells me I am not allowed to upload photos.

Maybe this was a hoax?

Does anyone know the story behind the name?

Here’s NASA’s news release on the momentous event of poking in the Martian dirt and naming it for our city: “Curiosity Successfully Drills ‘Duluth’



about 11 months ago

"Duluth" is the rock that was drilled. Duluth's very own AstroBob explains more about the rock and why it was named Duluth on his blog.

David Syring

about 11 months ago

Thanks Jesusita (and Astrobob), and Michael! I knew someone who reads PDD would be able to unlock the mystery here!

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