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“Emeriti” or “’emeritus,'” not “emeritus”

from today’s DNT:

“Other retired UMD faculty members have been identified as emeritus when writing opinion pieces in the pages of the News Tribune. . .”

“emeriti” = referring to the people in question

“’emeritus'” = implying a quote from the opinion pieces in question

“emeritus” = cognitive dissonance

Can’t see it any other way. Sticks in my craw.

The 1940s: From our floors to you

Remodeling our hillside home has been a largely subtractive process involving a complex stratigraphy of floor, wall, and ceiling coverings. Thus far, we’ve taken out carpet, panelling, linoleum, lath and plaster (fun, that), dimensional 8′ 2×4 studs that are so dried out they can’t weigh more than 5 pounds, and quite  a lot of charred stuff from at least one historical fire. We’ve also uncovered a fair number of newspapers from the late war/early prewar period. While I’m sure all of this is available in some or other archive, finding it on our floor has a magical quality I wanted to share. Enjoy, and suggestions on the non-English language are appreciated (Finnish?).

Win Community Action Duluth a new van

Vote for Community Action Duluth in 100 Cars for Good

With a Facebook account and five minutes of your time, you could win Community Action Duluth a new minivan. We’re up against four out-of-state nonprofits in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Contest.

Watch out, Playhouse!

If “all the world’s a stage,” The Hillsider is going to one up you by acting out the plot of an Arthur Miller work, in real time and space. From this morning’s constant contact update:


*In the spirit of April Fool’s, and with all respect to the Hillsider and Mr. Lohman, who provide an invaluable service to the city by helping to glue us all together as a community.

Randy Lee Big Time Jazz Orchestra at Clyde Iron

This is powerful  Latin music from Chick Corea, the Stan Kenton Band, and others, displaying influences from samba, bossa nova, Afro-Cuban and more. Hear Kenton’s  “Malaguena” (ala bullfighters), throw in a funk tune and a few mellow  songs and you’ve got a great program. This full concert will raise money for Community Action Duluth’s Circles of Support to build connections and relationships across race and class lines in Duluth.

Thursday, Feb. 3. 7:30 pm at Clyde Iron, 2920 W Michigan St.

Tickets are available at the door, $5 for students and seniors and $8 for everyone else. See you there.

Negative Coverage?

Does any photo published in the DNT even exist on celluloid? I would have thought not, but this suggests otherwise. Or read in your own perceptions of bias. From the home page this morning.

More “from Duluth to Balad” Showings

If you missed it the first time, find out what all the hubub is about, and tmicroposteralk about the economic future of our town-3 more showings with Q+A:

Tuesday March 24th, 6:30 PM, College of St. Scholastica, Tower 1121

sponsored by Amnesty International at CSS

Wednesday March 25th, 7 PM, UWS, Old Main 316 sponsored by SDS

Wednesday April 29th, 7 PM, Superior Public Library

sponsored by Grandmothers for Peace

for more info (and to see the movie online, see

“from Duluth to Balad” Premiere March 5th

"From Duluth to Balad" Microposter

Crispy Kale Productions (aka Michael Latsch) is premiering his new documentary “from Duluth to Balad.” The video is sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 80 and the Northland Anti-War Coalition. It goes up Thursday, March 5th at the Friends Meeting House, 1802 E. 1st St at 7:30 PM. Admission is free, and the showing will be followed by Q+A with the producer.

The documentary uses historic photos and modern combat footage to tell the story of how the wing started making deployments to Iraq in 2005. It examines the costs of that deployment, asks if Duluth can find a different way to sustain its economy.

see the trailer at Questions, contact [email protected], 218-260-7047

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