Bent Paddle 14° ESB wins medal at Great American Beer Festival

Bent Paddle 14-degree ESBDuluth’s Bent Paddle Brewing won a bronze medal in the Extra Special Bitter category at the Great American Beer Festival this past weekend in Boulder, Colo. Presented by the Brewers Association, the Great American Beer Festival is the largest commercial beer competition in the world.

This year 268 medals were awarded in 90 categories covering 145 different beer styles. A group of 222 beer experts from 10 countries evaluated the 5,507 commercial entries from 1,309 breweries.

Fitger’s Brewhouse is a past medal winner, taking home a bronze in the American-Style Sour Ale category in 2012 for its Fitger’s Framboise and another bronze in the French- and Belgian-Style Saison category in 2004 for its Farm House Reserve.



about 10 years ago

Future PDD Poll:  Best Local Brewery?

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Yes, coming up by popular demand.


about 10 years ago

Wiggaz please! And what is the color of George Washington's white horse?  You guys could be playing practical jokes with  a car battery or taking fall foliage pics or something.   Put the paddles on, show another clip of Jim swimming underwater in his underroos or something there's gotta be a ten year anniv for TBT or Low somewhere?!?!

 Dave Hoops is one of the best brewers in the country, that and there's only a few to choose here from with the outcome winner being painfully fucking obvious here.  If only they didn't charge ten bucks a beer it would be awesome. Pretending otherwise, that there are breweries to chose from is like Martini's pretending Duluth is New York. Pagan's brewers have been amateurish since god knows when. Sadly, none of the other breweries have out cock-blocked Fitger's or even close, probably never will. Seriously, bring back the Duluth Demon, those were the days...

Special K

about 10 years ago

Pffft, Bent Paddle's ESB and IPA are some of the best tasting beers in those styles I've ever had, and the food trucks that have embraced the taproom there beat Brewhouse food any day.

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